Cell2Get makes it easy to purchase cell phones without having to pay for a contract. Cell2Get’s inventory boasts the latest in cell phone technology, and if Cell2Get does not have the phone you are looking for, Cell2Get claims they will do everything possible to help you find the phone you want.

When travelling overseas there are two main considerations that must be taken into account with regards to your cell phone. Will your phone carrier have service? And, will your cell phone work at all? When you are abroad some carriers will work but you will be paying for it. Typical rates, since you are roaming, are .99 to $3 per minute. US services work on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies, while the majority of the rest of the world uses 900 MHz and 1800 MHz’s. Cell2Get has solutions to aid you with whatever your needs may be. By purchasing a cell phone through Cell2Get you are getting the flexibility and assurance that your overseas visit will be one worth talking about.

Cell2Get has a large inventory of unlocked cell phones which can help you on your travels. First, understand that an unlocked phone is a phone that is not restricted by the service carrier. If you have purchased the phone through a service carrier, then your cell phone is locked. When you are finished with your contract the phone cannot be used with another carrier. Cell2Get sells unlocked phones. Purchasing your cell phone through Cell2Get allows you to switch carriers as often as you would like, and gives you the ability to keep the phone you enjoy the most.

Cell2Get’s unlocked phones allows for flexibility when on vacation. When in Europe a user can buy a temporary pay-as-you-go SIM for their unlocked phone. With the new SIM, a European phone number will be issued, and calls made would be local. If the user needs to call Texas to see how things are going, they can simply replace the SIM with their old SIM and make the call. With a locked phone the SIM cannot be changed. Cell2Get has the right phone for International travels or your local needs. Cell2Get’s wide selection of phones can help you regardless of where you are.

Currently, only GSM cell phones can be unlocked. T-mobile and Cingular are the only two that offer GSM services. GSM, Global System for Mobile Communications, are cell phones that utilize the SIM technology. Cell2Get offers a wide range of GSM cell phones that can be used in the US with local carriers, or abroad with purchasable SIM cards.

Cell2Get also offers a great number of CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access, phones that are utilized by Sprint, Cingular, Verizon and other carriers. If you are looking to upgrade your current phone then Cell2Get has the phone for you.

By purchasing your phone through Cell2Get you no longer have to worry about cell phone plans. Cell2Get sells you the phone outright without contracts. Cell2Get gives you the flexibility you have been looking for in cell phones and cell phone plans. www.cell2get.com


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Cell2Get is one of the Nation’s largest cell phone retailers and is generally regarded as offering the best contract-free phone deals on the web. Over the past few years, the number of cell phone brands on the market has skyrocketed as the pace of wireless communications technology has accelerated. At Cell2Get we strive to give the customer the best information to choose the right cell phone for their purposes.

We also understand that as the number of options for the consumer has increased, so has the complexity of cell phone contracts. In fact statistically, the main consumer objection to cell phones is not the actual technology (which gets better every day) but rather the binding nature of many cell phone contracts which prevent or penalize customers if they wish to change phone carriers. This means we not only offer some of the best deals on the web, but also the best value proposition.

At Cell2Get, this value is threefold:

- Give the customer the web’s best selection of unlocked cell phones.
- Give them the lowest prices possible.
- And consult the customer on the best ways to get the most out of their cell phones.

In effect, we offer the customer what few other cell phone retailers can: complete freedom when it comes to choosing their cell phone service carrier.

Cell2Get is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to helping the community through various sponsorships, charitable donations and activities. At Cell2Get, we believe that you get what you give.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We hope you will consider us as your only cell phone retailer.

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