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Poker Pros

PokerPros was launched on 1 November 2008, and has since been an active diplomat of the online poker industry. As the brainchild of Thomas Pays, a devoted poker player, PokerPros has successfully established itself as a reliable reference portal to the South African poker community and currently hosts a collection of material most relevant to this market.

This includes a vast number of articles, poker news and poker room reviews which are continuously reviewed by independent parties to ensure that the information available to visitors is both, accurate and unbiased.

The main objective of PokerPros is to establish an ongoing relationship with its visitors and to assist them in developing a rewarding poker career. PokerPros has therefore made it possible for visitors to access a portfolio of poker room reviews which highlight information most valuable to them.

This currently includes reputable destinations such as Full Tilt Poker, CD Poker, Everest Poker, Poker Stars, Pacific Poker and Titan Poker with more being added daily in an attempt to offer potential players with variety and complete freedom of choice.

The recently launched poker school additionally places PokerPros one step closer to its goal of becoming a comprehensive companion to the South African poker public. This provides beginner, intermediate and advanced players with a variety of concepts, tutorials and information that has been created to assist and develop new confidence in players.

The PokerPros interactive poker forum also attributes to the development of players on an ongoing basis and makes it possible for registered users to interact and share their experiences with likeminded individuals. This is, perhaps, the most popular feature available at PokerPros due to the instant news and tournament updates that both, PokerPros and its members, contribute to the forum.

On 22 May 2009, PokerPros launched a free poker room to allow beginner players, who are unfamiliar with online poker, the opportunity to become accustomed to the functionality and speed of online poker software. Apart from the fact that it has proved an immensely successful addition, the free poker room also substantiates PokerPros’ unconstrained attempts to popularize poker in South Africa through tailor-made features.

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Poker Pros

PokerPros was launched as a result of many years of dedication to the online environment. Its owner and founder, Thomas Pays, had first started his career as an online marketing champion when after a decade of dedication to this industry, had decided to launch an online reference portal dedicated to the South African poker community.

Development of PokerPros began during the early months of 2008 and was finally completed when the website made its debut appearance on 1 November 2008. Although only a few months old, the PokerPros website has made a significant impact on the South African poker industry and has provided Thomas Pays and his team with a steady platform to accomplish an ongoing list of objectives.

One such an example is the Poker School which was launched at PokerPros on 20 April 2009. With a variety of tools, tutorials and other material available, the Poker School has made it possible for visitors to boost their confidence levels and skills through an affluent selection tools, tutorials and material available.

It wasn’t, however, until the launch of the interactive forum that thousands of new visitors discovered the value of PokerPros. The Forum was launched only a month after the poker school in May 2009 and makes it possible for South African poker players to share, connect and interact with other poker players while enjoying unlimited access to instant news and industry updates.

Today, PokerPros is visited by thousand of South African poker players who seek information that pertains to the online poker industry. The launch of its free poker room during the final week of May 2009, additionally, substantiates PokerPros’ ambition to connect and develop new poker players. This currently has Texas Hold’em as its main offering, however, is set to become more extensive over the months to come.

With its content offering growing on a daily basis, many visitors have chosen to frequent the PokerPros website in the attempt to find the latest in poker room reviews, articles and tutorial material. What makes this significant; is that it is the exact reason why Thomas Pays had first decided to launch the PokerPros website, and is set to progress even more enthusiastically over the years to come.