Alexander Tour with a Tour for the Tenth National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Koprivshtitsa 2010

Forty-four years after the first Koprivshtiza festival made Balkans culture known for its rich folklore traditions by being a gathering point of dancers, musicians, ethnography and folklore experts, artists or just Bulgarian folklore music and dance fans, the fest enjoys steady interest.

Sofia, Bulgaria, December 11, 2009 --( The Bulgarian folklore music is a well known phenomenon that led to the choice of a Bulgarian song being one of the eight total music masterpieces now floating in the interstellar Space has no need to claim more ground among world cultural artifacts for being exclusively authentic and rich.

Alexander Tour, a main tour operator for the Balkans will offer again a trip for the guests of the Koprivshtitsa fest during the 10th National Festival of Bulgarian Foklore, the tour is arranged due to the constant interest from Japan, European and American tourists.

Since 1965 the National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore has taken place every five years but due to interest it was changed to an annual event. Koprivshtitsa festival is the only significant Bulgarian music event focusing on amateur performances and features thousands of performing artists. It takes place during first or second weekend in August for 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. For 2010 it is scheduled 6-8 August 2010.

The festival takes place on 6 to 8 stages, 6 or 7 of which are devoted to specific folklore regions of Bulgaria, with the winners from each region performing on the Central Stage built on the Voivodenets meadows, above the village, approximately a 30 minute walk from it among the beautiful surroundings of the mountain soft hills and clean fresh mountain air.

Alexander Tour sends a list of the useful tips to the guest of the festival before their arrival – last thing to do after the accommodations and transportation are arranged.

Essential information that gives an example of the event’s scale reads that you have to expect there is a 30 minute walk up to the festival site. There are a several choice of routes depending which end of the festival site you prefer to reach first. Since there are several stages, allow plenty of time to visit each. It is around 20 minutes across the festival site if the way is clear, but it never is during festival time so it can take more like an hour at the busiest times, or all day if you stop on the way.

If you want to see the end of the performances don’t expect to be back for an evening meal in the village.

Visit the campsite for all night music and dancing.

Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of non alcoholic drinks - the sun is deceptively strong on the festival site. Take your waterproofs in case the change in the weather patterns persists.

Umbrella is useful – both as a sunshade and in case it does rain.

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Maya Yonov