Alexander Tour New Travel Site Focuses on Group Travel and Tours to the Balkans

The last couple of months, few travel related companies were able to report high sale volumes since trips and holidays are the first to be eliminated from an average family’s budget. Yet holidays are always in demand; it’s their cost that customers try to reduce. Many see this as an opportunity to visit countries with ancient cultural heritage but also with an economy that lets the travelers pay less for accommodation and transportation.

Sofia, Bulgaria, January 28, 2010 --( Bulgaria is not exactly this case – it’s the newest EU country, still struggling to keep up with the high criteria the European Union sets for its members - yet it’s far from the rich-in-culture-poor-economy countries in the East of Europe. Now the country is seen as a holiday spot for low-budget travels coming to expenses and rich in culture and history experience for those who love the combination of spending less on a trip and get everything from night life to cultural sightseeing.

It’s all about the seasons and the variety of places of interest – travel agents say. With four seasons giving the opportunity to chose a summer trip with a sea holiday or winter tour combined with ski - all this coming in a holiday package that covers all services including transportation, accommodation and places of interest tours, no wonder Bulgaria is seen as an “off the beaten path” travel choice.

Maybe it’s the Macedonian and Thrace cultural heritage – others add – the New Testament Bible time trips focus on the Balkan peninsula as well as the classic Israel tours. There is so much history to see and experience – all Christian artifacts related, that the offers local travel agent Alexander Tour creates are booked both by western customers as well as by Japanese and Korean visitors – all interested in exploring the first Christians challenges and culture. Bulgaria is also the first European country to translate the Bible in its native language, centuries before German and French translations were made.

The new Travel in Europe website Alexander Tour launches in January 2010 is selling exclusively trips, tours and vacation packages for groups and individuals interested in exploring Bulgaria. Monasteries, UNESCO sites, excursions to the valley of roses, summer packages for the Black sea resorts, tradition and history discovery trips – everything the country has been popular with is sublimated in guaranteed departure tours as well as in tailor made trips to places of interest.

Since Bulgaria is not among the most popular destinations, local travel agents are not delusional about Bulgaria being able to compete with Thai exotic travels or the Maldives first time experience mass tourism focuses on. However the interest of those who have seen much and love exploring new places and old culture is still stable and with current economically triggered tendency of reducing the holidays budget and costs, the Balkans remain a low-cost holiday option.

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Maya Yonov