US Researchers Call for Re-Evaluation of Microbial Testing of Cannabis Following New, Sequencing-Based Study

A new US study suggests that some of the medicinal benefits of dispensary grade Cannabis could be compromised because the flowers host potentially harmful yeasts and toxic molds, which cannot be detected by industry standard culturing techniques. The report, ‘Cannabis microbiome sequencing... - June 16, 2016

Doctors Use Bitcoin Tech to Improve Transparency in Clinical Trial Research

Two clinicians have devised a new system to prevent clinical trial documents being secretly altered to make new medications look more effective than they are. The new method aims to solve this problem using blockchains, the technology that underpins the virtual currency Bitcoin. - May 13, 2016

New Research Shows Mosquitoes Borrow Genes from Plants to Improve Their Survival

Scientists investigating the unusual feeding habits of one species of mosquito claim that the insect has hijacked hundreds of useful genes from plants during its evolution. - May 06, 2016

F1000Workspace Integrates with Google Docs to Make It Easier for Scientists to Write Papers and Grants

F1000Workspace – a platform that enables scientists to collect, write and discuss scientific literature – has added an innovative new piece of software to its portfolio to help scientists write papers and grants more efficiently. - February 14, 2016

F1000Research Launches Rapid, Open, Diamond-Access Publishing Channel to Help Scientists Tackle Zika

New channel builds on key learnings from global response to Ebola crisis. Following the World Health Organization’s announcement that Zika-linked birth defects and neurological problems pose a global public health emergency, open science platform F1000Research has launched the Zika and Arbovirus Outbreaks (ZAO) channel - - February 11, 2016

Bev Acreman is Appointed Commercial Director of F1000

F1000, a provider of services to biomedical researchers to support the discovery, writing and publication of new scientific findings, has appointed Bev Acreman as Commercial Director. - January 28, 2016

Liz Allen Joins F1000 as Director of Strategic Initiatives

F1000, a provider of services to biomedical researchers to support the discovery, writing and publication of new scientific findings, has strengthened its senior leadership team with the appointment of Liz Allen as Director of Strategic Initiatives. Liz was formerly Head of Evaluation at the Wellcome Trust, one of the world’s largest biomedical research charities. - January 07, 2016

WHO’s Estimates of the Burden of Disease Caused by Foodborne Chemical Toxins

Chemicals prevalent in the food supply can have a significant impact on the global burden of disease, a WHO Task Force shows with new research published in F1000Research. - December 05, 2015

New Study Finds Complete Remission Rates for Almost All Late-Stage Cancer Types, Regardless of Treatment, Are Equally Low

Complete Responses (CRs) are dramatic, highly desirable situations for patients where all cancer disappears. A meta-analysis of CR rates from chemotherapy treatment of common types of late-stage cancer during a six-year period shows that CRs have, however, remained surprisingly low despite extensive efforts to improve them. - November 27, 2015

Uploads on Biomedical Authoring Platform F1000Workspace Exceed 1m References

One million references have been loaded on to F1000Workspace – a research collaboration, reference management and authoring platform for scientists – since it was launched just six months ago. F1000Workspace is a suite of tools designed to assist biomedical researchers when writing... - November 26, 2015

F1000 Announces Appointment of Rebecca Lawrence as Managing Director

F1000, a provider of services to biomedical researchers to support the discovery, writing and publication of new scientific findings, has announced the appointment of Rebecca Lawrence as Managing Director. Lawrence was previously Managing Director of F1000 Research Ltd, the publishing arm of... - November 20, 2015

F1000Research Celebrates Major Milestone with Publication of 1,000 Articles Since Launch

F1000Research, the open science publishing platform for life scientists which was launched in 2013, has reached a fitting milestone with the publication of its 1,000th article. - October 18, 2015

Researchers Publish Far-Reaching Genetic Study of 1,000 UK People

300,000 gene variants from 1,000 people made publicly available via F1000Research. A unique population-based study of all the genes in 1,000 people born in the UK in 1958 is being made available online by researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, to further understanding of the role gene variation plays in disease. - September 24, 2015

New Research Discovers Immune System Protein Can Fix Cystic Fibrosis Cells

Scientific experiments examining what happens to the faulty channel protein that causes cystic fibrosis during inflammation have yielded unexpected and exciting results. The study, conducted by Sara Bitam and her colleagues at INSERM in France, has just passed peer review on open science publishing... - September 04, 2015

Patient Born with Insensitivity to Pain Acquires Neuropathic Pain Following Childbirth

A medical case report of a female patient who had felt no pain since childhood but who, following childbirth, was left with a variety of pain symptoms, has given insights into the manifestation of neuropathic pain. The clinicians involved, Professor Geoff Woods and colleagues from Cambridge University Hospitals, also claim that their findings reveal a great deal about the subjective nature of pain. - August 26, 2015

F1000Research and INCF Join Forces to Create Digital, Open Access Community Journal

INCF Community Journal will host wealth of research in one digital domain. Open science publishing platform F1000Research is working in partnership with the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) to create a dedicated, digital, open publishing solution for INCF’s members... - June 20, 2015

F1000Research Publishes Pioneering "Living Article"

Scientist’s published article is the first to be updated live online. - April 25, 2015

Biomedical Researchers Look to Post-Publication Peer Review to Build Grant Funding Case

Pacific Northwest scientist among first to publish preliminary methodology online to gain peer feedback ahead of NIH R01 grant application. - March 27, 2015

F1000Research is Successfully Transforming the Way Science is Shared

F1000Research celebrates its second birthday, and looks back on two successful years of changing the status quo of science publishing with its unique model of immediate and transparent publishing. - January 10, 2015

Michael Eisen Joins Faculty of 1000’s International Advisory Board

Michael Eisen, co-founder of the open-access journal PLOS (Public Library of Science), has joined Faculty of 1000’s International Advisory Board. - August 14, 2014

Scientific Publishing Finally Joins the Internet Age

F1000Research publishes an attempted replication of a controversial finding highlighting the importance of publishing science in a completely open and transparent way. - May 10, 2014

Faculty of 1000 Appoints New CEO

Respected business leader and web entrepreneur Daniel Marovitz has joined F1000 as Chief Executive Officer. - February 27, 2014

Join the F1000Journal Club – New Tools for Discussing and Organizing Research Articles

Scientists and clinicians can spend hours each month critically evaluating published research as part of their training and teaching, but valuable discussions about what makes a good or bad paper are often lost forever. F1000Journal Clubs (, a new feature of F1000Prime that launches today, makes these discussions - journal club meetings - more online, more open and efficient, and helps scientists get recognition for more of their contributions to science. - January 18, 2014

F1000Prime Nets Its 150,000th Article Recommendation

The 150,000th article recommendation, published today in F1000Prime (, identifies an important research article that helps our understanding of how consumption of fish oils could help protect against certain allergies, and demonstrates significant progress in open,... - January 11, 2014

F1000Research Peer-Reviewed Articles Now Visible on PubMed and PubMed Central

F1000Research, an original open science journal for life scientists, announces that articles published and peer-reviewed via its novel post-publication peer review model are now visible in PubMed, the world's largest and most-used biomedical literature database, and PubMed Central (PMC). - December 14, 2013

F1000Research Launch Data Plotting Tool

F1000Research launch a novel data plotting tool at the Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, which enables referees and readers to visualise and manipulate the raw data within the journal's articles. This is a significant step forward in enabling data peer review, which has typically been too time consuming for most article referees to contemplate. - November 13, 2013

F1000Prime Evolves: Self-Learning Homepage and Free One-Month Personal Trial

Faculty of 1000’s F1000Prime ( has launched a new personalized homepage and article alerting tool that learns from an individual’s research interests – and introduced a free one-month trial personal subscription for new and returning users. In response to... - October 24, 2013

F1000Prime and Public Library of Science Collaborating on Article-Level Metrics

Faculty of 1000's F1000Prime ( article recommendation service has partnered with Public Library of Science (PLOS), to provide enhanced information to researchers on the impact of their published articles. - August 10, 2013

Making It Less of a Trial to Find Important Medical Evidence: Faculty of 1000 Launch F1000Trials

Faculty of 1000, the publisher of a range of services for life scientists and clinicians, today launches an innovative new product, F1000Trials (, designed to enable rapid discovery and understanding of articles about clinical trials. F1000Trials is a continually updated, comprehensive database of articles on randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews, drawn from more than 300 key general and specialist medical journals. - August 08, 2013

A New Player in Brain Disease and Stroke

Research that shows how cells respond to brain damage may lead to a new treatment for stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. - July 23, 2013

Faculty of 1000 Announces Partnership Between F1000Prime and docwise

Faculty of 1000 ( today announced a partnership with docwise ( that will bring its F1000Prime article recommendations to the users of the docwise aggregated medical journal and news platform. - June 28, 2013

F1000Research Joins OASPA and COPE, and is Listed in DOAJ and SHERPA/RoMEO

F1000Research is delighted to announce the journal's membership of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and its listing in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and the SHERPA/RoMEO directory. - June 13, 2013

F1000Research Aims to Reduce Publication Bias

Open Access life sciences journal, F1000Research, makes a stand to reduce positive bias in the publication record, urging scientists to publish all valid results, including negative and null findings. - May 17, 2013

F1000Research Provides Researchers with Fast and Transparent Science Publishing Model

F1000Research, an Open Access life-sciences journal launched in January 2013, has pioneered a uniquely fast and transparent Open Science Publishing model enabling research papers to be published within a week. After analyzing its first few months, F1000Research shares that on average, articles go live within seven days of acceptance, with 35% of those published within four days or less. - April 24, 2013

Winners of the 2012 F1000Prime Faculty Member of the Year Awards

To celebrate the dedication of the F1000Prime Faculty in recommending papers of special importance across biology and medicine, Faculty of 1000 is delighted to announce the winners of the 2012 Faculty Member of the Year Awards. - March 06, 2013

Defying the Laws of Mendelian Inheritance

Two articles published in F1000Research support controversial claims that could redefine what we know about Mendelian inheritance in single Arabidopsis thaliana plants. - February 06, 2013

F1000Research Articles Will be Listed in PubMed, and Deposited in PubMed Central

F1000Research (, the first Open Science publisher, announces that articles published in its innovative publishing system will be listed in PubMed, the world's largest and most-used biomedical literature database. - January 16, 2013

Cannabis Use and the Increased Risk of Psychosis: The Debate Continues

Two articles published today in F1000 Medicine Reports ( take a collaborative approach to argue the case for and against the link between cannabis use and psychotic illness. - January 13, 2013

Protein Recognition and Disorder: A Debate

Two articles published today in F1000 Biology Reports ( debate whether protein recognition can occur in the absence of stable structure. - January 13, 2013

F1000Research, the First Open Science Publisher, Launches Following a Successful Beta Testing Phase

F1000Research comes out of beta today, launching on a new publishing platform. - January 10, 2013

First Articles Now Live on F1000 Research

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) announces the publication of initial articles on F1000 Research, the innovative open access publishing program in biology and medicine. These articles also feature a novel inline data viewer, and a new method of article citation. - July 18, 2012

F1000 Research Partners with Figshare to Provide Smart Ways of Accessing Data

F1000 Research and figshare have teamed up to build a widget for F1000 Research articles that enables users to preview, download, cite and share data in accompanying datasets, at the click of a button. - July 12, 2012

The First Day of Development -- a Window to Successful Pregnancy

An article published in F1000 Biology Reports ( discusses recent important advancements in the development of alternative methods of embryo evaluation and selection that could lead to improvements in the reliability of IVF treatments. - June 14, 2012

Faculty of 1000 Launches a Revolutionary Article Search Engine: the F1000 Smartsearch

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) today announced the launch of a new intuitive PubMed search tool, the F1000 SmartSearch. This revolutionary article search engine "learns" the preferences of users as they interact with it and returns articles most likely to be of interest and relevance. - May 25, 2012

Better Plants for Biofuels

An article in F1000 Biology Reports ( published today argues that recent advances in knowledge mean that plant-derived biofuels could meet about 30% of the global demand for liquid transportation fuels, drastically reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, without having an impact on food production. - May 04, 2012

Faculty of 1000 Announces the Winners of the Associate Faculty Member Travel Grants 2011

In 2011, Faculty of 1000 (F1000) established a Travel Grant Fund to recognize the contribution of its Associate Faculty Members to the service. - March 08, 2012

Faculty of 1000's "Faculty Member of the Year 2011" Awards

Faculty of 1000 announces the first in a series of awards marking the achievements of its Faculty members. - February 25, 2012

New Faculty of 1000 Application Identifies the Best Research in Biology and Medicine Covered in Elsevier's SciVerse

Faculty of 1000 (F1000), an online service that selects and evaluates articles based on the opinions of global leaders in biology and medicine, today announced the launch of a new application that helps researchers explore the scientific content in biology and medicine included in Elsevier's... - February 18, 2012

Faculty of 1000 Introduces a Novel Open Access Publishing Venture: F1000 Research

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) today announces F1000 Research, a new fully Open Access publishing program across biology and medicine that will launch later this year. It is intended to address the major issues afflicting scientific publishing today: timely dissemination of research, peer review, and sharing of data. - February 02, 2012

Faculty of 1000 and DynaMed™ Partner to Identify Practice-Changing Medical Research--Making Evidence-Based Medicine Actionable

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) and DynaMed™ Partner; Expanding the DynaMed Community to More than 4,000 Clinical Experts and Rapidly Identifying Practice-Changing Articles - November 10, 2011

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