Black History Month USA Salutes President Obiang

The purpose of Black History Month USA is to expand America's commemoration in February by highlighting one African country every year for 365 days. - February 15, 2017

Equatoguinean Culminates Tribute to the Founder of United Arab Emirates

Transatlantic rower Victor Mooney delivers his rowing uniform as a final tribute for Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to United Arab Emirates Consulate in New York City. - November 05, 2016

Rower Releases US 4.5 Million Spirit of Malabo Rowboat to Equatorial Guinea

After the UNGA, H.E. Anatolio Ndong Mba, Ambassador for the Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea will begin the process of gifting the rowboat to the UN. - September 24, 2016

Spirit of Malabo Heads to United Nations

Rowboat donated as a global symbol for the fight against AIDS. - August 18, 2016

GC Media Announces US Rower Honors 6 Million Jews at Brooklyn Borough Hall

"In simplicity, Borough President, I hope this tube will give visitors another chance to reflect on this horror and never allow any form of genocide to repeat itself." - Victor Mooney - May 28, 2016

GC Media Announces Equatoguineans in the US Endorsement of President Obiang for Re-Election

"President Obiang has designed a blueprint for the country and its working. Make no mistake about it." - Victor Mooney - March 27, 2016

Equatorial Guinea Unites the World

AIDS has no boundaries, whether in Malabo or Manhattan - Victor Mooney - April 14, 2015

US Rower Returns from Seminole Tribe Reservation

"Honor our ancestors! Protect our people! Take the test!" - Victor Mooney, a descendant of the Carnarsee Tribe. - March 21, 2015

Heading to the Finish Line for the Goree Challenge Project

AIDS Activist prepares for final 1,500 mile row to New York City. - December 24, 2014

Equatorial Guinea Recognized at White House for AIDS Partnership with Goree Challenge

GC Media is the communication partner for the Goree Challenge Project. This World AIDS Day, Equatorial Guinea was recognized by The White House, through the presence of American oarsman Victor Mooney. Mr. Mooney became the first African American to row across the Atlantic Ocean, to honor his... - December 04, 2014

Queens Man Rowboat Departs Brooklyn

GC Media is the communications partner for the Goree Challenge project. Victor Mooney of Flushing watched his 24' custom made Brazilian rowboat, christened The Spirit of Malabo, hoisted into a Maersk Line container today at the Gateway Marina. Mr. Mooney who has lost one brother to AIDS and has... - December 04, 2013

Equatorial Guinea President Leads the Charge for Mans Row Across the Atlantic Ocean

Transatlantic row will help fight against HIV/AIDS and build a permanent UN Slave Memorial in New York City. - September 24, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Crest Unveiled on the Spirit of Malabo in NYC

GC Media is the communication partner for the Goree Challenge - The Spirit of Malabo. H.E. Anatolio Ndong Mba, Permanent Ambassador for Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations and current chairman of the African states group was on hand Tuesday to witness the unveiling of the country's crest on the... - August 16, 2013

American Rower Aims for 4M People Tested for HIV and $4M for UN Slave Memorial

The Goree Challenge announces 4 by 14 campaign ahead of US President Obama visit to The House of Slaves (Maison des Esclaves) on Goree Island, Senegal. - June 26, 2013

Rowboat to Promote HIV Testing Departs Brazil for New York City is a global campaign that is designed to encourage voluntary HIV testing. The campaign begins on World AIDS DAY 2013 and will be promoted during the Goree Challenge IV – Spirit of Malabo project. - May 05, 2013

Equatorial Guinea President Scores a Grand Slam for HIV testing is a global campaign designed to encourage HIV testing. The campaign begins on World AIDS DAY 2013 and will be promoted during the Goree Challenge IV – Spirit of Malabo project. - April 26, 2013

Salvador Scores First for the 2014 World Cup

GC Media is the communication partner for the Score a goal for an AIDS-free generation project. Victor Mooney of Queens, New York and executive director of South African Arts International, Ltd. (USA) ended his two week visit to Brazil on Sunday with the launch of the One Million Score A Goal for... - March 05, 2013

A Cardinal Blessing in Brazil

"There was a special aurora around this holy man," said Mooney. - February 20, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Donates 30K to NYC AIDS Activist

With the immediate funding, Victor Mooney can purchase an ocean row boat that’s currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil for his fourth bid to cross the Atlantic Ocean. - January 28, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Builds on MLK Dream

GC Media is the communication partner for the South African Arts International, Ltd. As America commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday marking the civil rights leader's birthday, which was first observed in 1983 and is celebrated on the third Monday of January each year and happens to... - January 22, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Awarded 2012 Convener of the Year

H.E. Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea, has mastered the Art of Humanity. - December 24, 2012

A Tweet of Faith for World AIDS Day

Bid on a commemorative rowing oar at Ebay from November 29 – December 3, which was signed by U.S. Congressional members and United Nation diplomats. - November 30, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Saluted in New York City

GC Media is the communications partner for the Spirit of Malabo. With the beautiful ambiance overlooking the East River, the United Nations played host for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea forty-fourth Anniversary marking their Independence from Spain. Diplomats from United Nations member states,... - November 25, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Celebrates Independence Day in New York

For African-Americans, Equatorial Guinea’s 44th Anniversary marks our return to the motherland, said Victor Mooney. - October 29, 2012

Equatorial Guinea: No Borders on Conservation

GC Media is the communications partner for the Spirit of Malabo. A documentary will soon be released to help The drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus). The drill is a species of primate family Cercopithecidae. It is one of the most endangered primate species in the world. This primate can be seen on Biko... - October 27, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Extends Nationality to African-Americans

Equatorial Guinea is “The Roots” for today, says Victor Mooney, transatlantic rower. - October 24, 2012

AIDS Cases in Equatorial Guinea is Refuted

GC Media is the communications partner for Goree Challenge IV. According to recent wire reports, the seroprevalence of HIV/AIDS in Equatorial Guinea, was reported between 30,000 and 60,000 infected people. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare categorically denies having given the figures... - October 22, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Tourism Portal Launched in NYC

GC Media is the communications partner for Goree Challenge IV. “The facebook page is designed to bring the Spirit of Malabo to the world”, said Victor Mooney of US based South African Arts International (SAAI). The site will provide an opportunity for the public to see the cultural... - October 13, 2012

President Obiang Aides Evangelization for American Catholic in Equatorial Guinea

“For a head of state to honor our request speaks volumes about this country and his Horizon 2020 development plan,” said Victor Mooney on Sunday at his home in Queens. - October 09, 2012

American Rower Gets a Taste of Equatorial Guinea Aboard Ceiba Intercontinental

GC Media is the communications partner for Goree Challenge IV. Victor Mooney, executive director of US based South African Arts International, ltd., will have the opportunity to enjoy Equatorial Guinea hospitality airborne when he flies from Madrid, Spain to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Ceiba... - October 07, 2012

American AIDS Activist Lauds President of Equatorial Guinea

GC Media is the communications partner for the Goree Challenge. Victor Mooney, AIDS activist and executive director of US based – South African Arts International, welcomed H.E., Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea affirmation in the global fight against AIDS during... - September 30, 2012

Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the African Burial Ground in New York City Next Week

GC Media, a public relations firm based in New York will coordinate the communications for the wreath-laying ceremony in lower Manhattan. During the 67th Session of the United Nations, (September 18 – 20), Heads of States, Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors and others have been invited by South... - September 12, 2012

Sullivan Summit Ends with the Spirit of Malabo

Victor Mooney, AIDS activist and executive director of New York based – South African Arts International, Ltd. (SAAI) has pledged to keep the camaraderie alive; thereby, naming his Brazilian custom made ocean rowboat “The Spirit of Malabo” in a tweet earlier today. - August 25, 2012

New York Soccer Players Send 2010 World Cup Match Ball to Equatorial Guinea

"Soccer is the best medium to reach people worldwide, especially the youth. If we are going to achieve an AIDS-free generation, they must be part of the equation," said Victor Mooney, executive director and founder of South African Arts International, Ltd. - August 21, 2012

American AIDS Activist Names Trans-Atlantic Rowboat in E Guinea Next Week

"Remarkably, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has kept a light on the fight against AIDS with an array of public outreach efforts to improve public awareness of discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS and prevention initiatives,” said Victor Mooney. - August 17, 2012

Wawa Fills up for HIV/AIDS

New York AIDS activist, Victor Mooney begins four day fundraising walk to Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem from a Wawa convenience store. Wawa has supplied Mr. Mooney with a gift card that he will used to purchase fresh food, water and energy bars along his route. The two-hundred mile walk will take... - June 04, 2012

Walking with the Tide

GC Media coordinates the communication logistics for New York AIDS Activist during 200-mile fundraising walk. - May 29, 2012

Gc Media: Speaker of the New York City Council is Expecting Another Miracle

Nationwide campaign to raise $1 from 6,000 families for the Row with the Tide ocean rowboat is launched in New York City. - May 12, 2012

GC Media: SkyBridge Capital Scores a Goal

South African Arts International, Ltd. donates 2010 World Cup Match Ball and "soil" from the home of Nelson Mandela for Aspire Giving Foundation charity auction. - April 23, 2012

GC Media: World AIDS Day Rower Checks-in at LA Sports Club on Manhattan's Upper East Side

In preparation for XIX International AIDS Conference - Rowing with the Tide event, Victor Mooney gets a three-day pass to workout. - March 31, 2012

GC Media: Rowing with the Tide

"This is a great opportunity in the fight against AIDS," said Victor Mooney. - March 21, 2012

GC Media: OTC to Fight HIV

"As advocates, we must move with the current," said long-time AIDS activist Victor Mooney. - March 16, 2012

GC Media: African-American Rower to Meet Cuban Santeros During Papal Visit

"With the end of the blockade, my brothers and sisters can reunite will Africans in the diaspora," said Victor Mooney. - March 07, 2012

Holy Rosary - GC Media Collects Rosaries for Pope Benedict XVI Visit to Mexico

"With Cardinal Designate Timothy Dolan's elevation, it could help us with our rosary collection drive," says Victor Mooney. - February 14, 2012

GC Media Host Score a Goal for John Paul

National collection drive is launched in the U.S. for rosaries during Pope Benedict visit to Mexico. - January 30, 2012

GC Media Host a Goal for AIDS

Bid on FIFA 2010 World Cup soccer ball plus lunch at Planet Hollywood International. - November 24, 2011

GC Media Announces a Soccer Pass Across Atlantic Ocean

American rower to carry World Cup soccer balls across the Atlantic Ocean and ask soccer fans to join him. - September 22, 2011

GC Media Host World AIDS Day Rowboat Ceremony at Brazilian Day in New York City on Sunday

During a pre-boat christening ceremony, AIDS activist Victor Mooney of Forest Hills reveals the name of his new boat before a test row from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo later this month. Mooney will use this boat for his 4th attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Las Palmas, Canary Islands to New York City beginning on World AIDS Day – December 1st. - September 03, 2011

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