DarkBrain Comics Announces Major Changes for 2013

Adult comics website announces changes to pricing structure and release schedule. - February 01, 2013

DarkBrain Comics Breaks Ground in the Adult Entertainment Industry

DarkBrain.com launches new anthology title as a means of introduction into the adult entertainment industry. - March 01, 2012

DarkBrain Celebrates 1st Birthday with New Products

One year ago, DarkBrain.com launched an innovative and edgy new website. Since that launch, publisher Andrew Zar and dozens of artists have worked very hard to produce and publish online over 400 pages of serialized graphic novels featuring voice over narration from some of the most renowned adult... - February 04, 2011

DarkBrain.com Launches First Members-Only Title Featuring Top Voice Talent

Andrew Zar, publisher for the ever-growing web comic studio announced this week the launch of DarkBrain’s newest and edgiest story yet. “Rashida’s Ascension” is a dark, twisted tale of heaven, hell and their eternal struggle played out on earth. “Rashida’s... - December 14, 2010

DarkBrain.com Announces Fundraising Campaign

Web comics publisher launches fundraising campaign to continue popular series. - November 17, 2010

DarkBrain.com - A New Platform for Independent Comics Seeks Submissions

DarkBrain.com is an edgy web comic studio that produces graphic novels (PG-13 and R-rated) with voice-over narration and music. With over 300 pages of content, all free for readers, DarkBrain has attracted over 22,000 readers in the last two months alone with its recent release of “Church of... - October 27, 2010

Adult Film Talent and Rock Musician Star in DarkBrain's Church of One

Adult Film Talent and Rock Musician Star in DarkBrain's Church of One

Tabitha Stevens, Raylene and musician Tony Campos take on the lead roles in the latest web comic series by DarkBrain.com - October 06, 2010

DarkBrain.com Offers Entire Comic Lineup Free

DarkBrain.com Offers Entire Comic Lineup Free

Former pay-to-view webcomic site offers content at no charge. - August 31, 2010

Legendary Adult Film Star Crosses Over to Comics with DarkBrain

DarkBrain partners with Tabitha Stevens to perform as voice narration. - August 05, 2010

DarkBrain, LLC Seeks to Change the Face of Webcomics

DarkBrain, LLC, an innovative new webcomics publisher, released today Cortex #3. The company, which is founded and run by Andrew Zar, opened its virtual doors on February 6, 2010. Producing 12 original series of comics, each has graphic novel quality art and a great story - but also includes... - July 16, 2010

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