DarkBrain Comics Breaks Ground in the Adult Entertainment Industry

DarkBrain.com launches new anthology title as a means of introduction into the adult entertainment industry.

Hawley, PA, March 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- As the popular web comic publisher enters its third year of operations, DarkBrain.com announces today that they are making the giant leap into the adult entertainment industry. For the last two years, the innovative website produced stories that danced on the razor's edge of being a pure adult entertainment source, telling sexy stories that stopped short of x-rated imagery. However, that finally ends, with DarkBrain embracing its true destiny as an erotica-storytelling studio with no more self-censorship.

To embrace their self-proclaimed "new and true" identity, DarkBrain is introducing DB Quarterly anthology magazine that showcases multiple edgy, erotic and engaging comics for adults. The first 75-page x-rated issue of the quarterly download-only magazine will be 100% free and is intended to show how DarkBrain can tell a story without artistic limits. It will include stories from The Butcher, SORTAN-VALTA, Brandi Bandit and Pissy Pussy series. Issue 1 of DB Quarterly debuts April 15, 2012 on DriveThruComics.com.

Commenting on the motivation for the change in content, Andrew Zar, publisher and owner of DarkBrain, says, "It is our next step - to offer truly uncensored content and tell stories without limits. The new adult-only content will be raw, sexy and powerful. Frankly, I grew tired of the arbitrary and sexist limits placed on comic content - sexuality is reviled while evil and extreme violence are revered.”

In addition to the launch of DB Quarterly as a single-purchase option, effective immediately DarkBrain has re-configured their membership to an all-access pass model, offering a lower cost annual subscription for $45. The pass entitles members access to the entire DarkBrain set of web comics and downloads. The publisher also plans to add new member-only content every month as well as a full set of new books. Other changes visitors to DarkBrain.com will see effective today include a newly enhanced release schedule, an opportunity to read the first issue of any series for free and uncensored, a new login system for members only and an Age Check screen for general viewing.

Andrew Zar, publisher and creator of the stories DarkBrain publishes, along with any of his collaborating writers, artists and voice talent are available for interviews with media outlets to discuss their new identity and future plans. To schedule an interview, please contact DarkBrain’s Marketing & Promotions Coordinator Susan Soares at susansoares@darkbrain.com or via phone at 401-222-0924.

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