, First Search Engine to Offer Direct News Release Submission for Realtime Search Results announces companies, businesses, individuals and newswire services can submit news and press releases directly into search engine for real time search results.

Monroe, GA, October 20, 2006 --( is the first search engine to offer direct news and press release submission into the Finditt search engine resulting in real time news results for visitors.

Finditt with 2 t’s is the first search engine to offer organizations, companies and individuals the ability to submit their news and press releases directly to the Finditt search engine. This new service offers not only the submitter of the press or news release real time results on the Finditt search engine but also brings the news to the visitors searching for it.

Unlike other search engines, Finditt is the first search engine that permits direct news submissions. Finditt has separated itself from the typical search engine by empowering news organizations to submit the news they receive on behalf of their clients. While other search engines require a news agency to apply for their news to be picked up, sometimes taking months if not longer, many visitors to those sites do not get real search results based on what they type in the news search box. This can give the wrong impression that news has not come out from, or about, a company or organization when in fact it has. This can result in a disadvantage to not only the submitter of the press release but the person searching for real unedited news and press release search results. Unfortunately this is common from some of the most widely used search engines.

Many visitors to search engines seeking the latest in news are unaware that some popular search engines do not even display search results from many newswire and press release services. Their acceptance of news from credible and reputable newswire and press release services is solely based on their discretion. Their discretion results in an incomplete search result for visitors. An incomplete search result can lead visitors to believe that the news they are searching for doesn’t exist, when they in fact it does, but it wasn’t distributed on that particular search engine.

The advantage of utilizing Finditt is that they bring the power to the submitter of news or press releases. Through Finditt they can reach the person searching for their news in real time.

Finditt does reserve the right not to display news or press releases deemed to be purely advertorial or false in nature. Finditt is a service of TransWorldNews, Inc. Companies, businesses and individuals can directly submit their news or press releases through Finditt also welcomes news submissions from other newswire services such as PRWeb, PRNewswire, Businesswire, and more.

To submit your news onto the search engine go to and select submit news.

Finditt offers 2 types of services: Free Press Release distribution and, a Paid-For news release distribution. The cost for an individual paid-for news release or press release is $49.95 resulting in immediate distribution. The Free service is a delayed release. All releases are SEO’d and can contain up to 5,000 words.
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