AlphaDogs Provides Solutions for Delivery of Mixed Frame Media in the Feature Documentary "FrackNation"

Multi-camera sources ranging from professional cameras to cell phones, and stock footage made color correcting no easy task. - June 11, 2013

AlphaDogs Finds Love with Zombie Bigfoots

Color played a vital role in telling the suspenseful, yet humorous story of zombie bigfoots traipsing through the dark woods of Northern California. - May 30, 2013

Avid Speeding Into the May Editors' Lounge with Accelerated Workflows

Attendees will have the chance to get an up-close look at all the new features and latest gear from Avid. - May 15, 2013

Season Three of Late Music Icon Jenni Rivera's Reality Series "I Love Jenni" Finishing at AlphaDogs Post

The final season is the series’ most successful season to date. - May 10, 2013

Fanboys of My Little Pony Gallop Into AlphaDogs

Burbank based AlphaDogs recently finished the documentary “Bronies.” Business professionals from all walks of life (including some women) are finding the true meaning of “friendship is magic” in a community that allows men to be sensitive and compassionate, without being viewed as weak. - April 24, 2013

Tsunami of Data Hits Editors' Lounge 10th Annual Pre-NAB Panel

The evening consisted of candid discussions with experts in the industry about what can be expected at this year's April show in Las Vegas. Topics explored included 3-D, 4K, multi-screen and more. - April 03, 2013

AlphaDogs Post Has Fireside Chat with the President

Effective communication in post-production is more important now than its ever been. Los Angeles-based Whirled Creative teamed up with AlphaDogs Post working collaboratively in creating a specific look for "Fireside Chats." - March 22, 2013

AlphaDogs Post Drops Sake-Bomb at South by Southwest

Combinations of Izotope RX plugins combined with the Cedar DNS One were used on the best takes to remove wind noise, saving the cost of needing to do ADR and allowing more time to focus on the creative aspects of the film - March 09, 2013

AlphaDogs Post Beats the Train to the Finish for "The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek"

Visual effects, color correction, and audio were all completed at AlphaDogs Post in Burbank. - March 06, 2013

10th Annual Pre-NAB Editors' Lounge to Scrutinize the Future of Post Production

The evening will preview NAB 2013 with candid discussions about what can be expected at this year's April show in Las Vegas. - February 27, 2013

AlphaDogs Post Inflicts Suspense in New Indie Thriller

A scary vibe was created for the film with just the right amount of picture contrast and shadow combined with suspenseful background sound effects. - February 12, 2013

Editors' Lounge Demonstrates Time Saving Tools for Post Production

Editors and other industry professionals enjoyed an evening chocked full of invaluable tips and trade secrets, including how you can now edit from anywhere with the use of your iPad. - February 09, 2013

AlphaDogs Delivers Google's Zeitgeist 2012 with Virtual Post Workflow

Review and approval were all done digitally via the Internet without it being necessary for the clients to visit AlphaDogs facility in person. - January 24, 2013

Editors' Lounge Fully Charged in 2013 with TouchEdit for i-Pad, Boris FX, and BlackMagic Design

Attendees will get an up close look at the new editing application for the i-Pad, over 200 VFX filters, and the latest Teranex 2D technology with presentations from industry experts throughout the evening. - January 16, 2013

Post Production Professionals Learn Invaluable Color Correction Tips at AlphaDogs Editors' Lounge

Film and television editors learned how waveform monitors aid in perfecting the craft of color-correction with the seminar now available on The Editors’ Lounge Channel. - December 19, 2012

Bronx Boys Show AlphaDogs Post a Good Time

AlphaDogs ensures high standards in post-production delivery of the new feature-length documentary hosted by Carl Reiner. - December 15, 2012

Curtis Fritsch Joins the AlphaDogs Pack as Assistant Audio Mixer

Having worked his way from intern to freelance to full-time staff in seven short months, Curtis Fritsch joins the AlphaDogs pack as a full-time assistant audio mixer. - December 06, 2012

AlphaDogs Post Sheds New Light on Gang Culture

Using color as a storytelling tool makes a good story more interesting visually and helps to convey the emotion of the film. - November 15, 2012

AlphaDogs Post Brings Out the Color in Songs From The Farm

Shot on location in rural China with limited access to electricity color correction for the film presented distinct challenges in creating the desired look without having a negative impact on the storytelling - November 07, 2012

Technology Meets Creativity at The Editors' Lounge

As new technologies continue to transform at such a rapid pace, it is becoming increasingly important that the creative aspect of film and television editing does not get lost into an abyss of software and machines. The Editors' Lounge is a hip forum where technology meets creativity. - October 24, 2012

AlphaDogs Post Curbs the Shopping Addiction

New technology brings rich look and feel to new docu-series on The Oxygen Network. - October 13, 2012

Avid & Tiffen DFX Demonstrate Time Saving Technologies at the Editors' Lounge

Avid & Tiffen demonstrated how their latest software saves both time and money for filmmakers and post-production professionals. - October 10, 2012

The Latest from Avid at the September Editors' Lounge

Avid will be showcasing several new key enhancements including improved workflow speeds - September 22, 2012

AlphaDogs Digital Service Station Takes Off in the Great White North

An alternative solution for delivering content is now available in Toronto, Canada. - September 12, 2012

"I Love Jenni" Spinoff Finishing at AlphaDogs Post

AlphaDogs Post gives outstanding look to Telemundo’s mun2 new reality series “Chiquis n’ Control.” - September 03, 2012

AlphaDogs Serves Up Award Winning "Portion" at San Antonio Film Festival

For the past 10 years AlphaDogs has prided itself on helping independent filmmakers achieve their desired vision on projects and is proud to announce that the feature film "Portion" has been awarded the Grand Prize at the San Antonio Film Festival. - August 01, 2012

Color Correction Mysteries Solved at June Editors' Lounge

Post-production professionals in attendance gained an invaluable education expediting future career advancement in their field and furthermore setting them apart from their competitors. - July 14, 2012

Color Correction Mysteries Revealed at Next Editors' Lounge

Veteran colorist Steve Hullfish and Tektronix Sr. Application Engineer Steve Holmes will be sharing secrets and techniques to assist colorists in honing their craft. - June 07, 2012

AlphaDogs Post Celebrating 70 Years of Business

AlphaDogs Post is still staying ahead of the pack with the ever-changing technologies of post-production. - May 31, 2012

AlphaDogs Partners with Blank Paige Productions on "I Love Jenni" for Telemundo's Mun2

AlphaDogs Post and Blank Paige Productions are currently working on one of the hottest reality television shows on Hispanic cable. - May 23, 2012

Editors' Lounge Post NAB 2012 Roundup to Feature Avid and BlackMagic Design

Avid and BlackMagic Design will be showing off their latest video editing software tools at the Editors' Lounge on May 18th. - May 11, 2012

Color Grading in Your Favorite NLE with Baselight at April Editors' Lounge

Learn about the latest in new technology and network with other post production peers at the April Editors' Lounge. - April 23, 2012

Editors' Lounge Panelists Speculate Post Production Moving to the Cloud at NAB 2012

The Editors' Lounge panel of experts discuss how cloud computing will change the future of post-production. - April 18, 2012

Editors' Lounge Predicting a Cloudy NAB 2012

Industry experts discuss how cloud based editing will change the future of post-production and what to expect at NAB 2012. - April 10, 2012

Alphadogs Plays Tribute to Glam Rock Singer

Jobriath was the first glam rock musician to declare himself openly gay in the early 1970's. New generations of fans have discovered his music and talent through acts such as The Pet Shop Boys. - March 12, 2012

Ninth Annual Pre-NAB Editors' Lounge to Discuss Latest Trends in Post Production

A panel of experts in the field will discuss what to expect at NAB this year and the current trends impacting the post production business. - March 07, 2012

Technology Abound at February Editors' Lounge

Post Production industry professionals learned about Final Cut Pro applications, rapid file transfers, and cutting edge color tools. - March 02, 2012

Sean Stack Joins the Pack at AlphaDogs

After freelancing for two years, Sean Stack has joined the AlphaDogs pack full time. Stack excels in working with clients who require specific creative or technical solutions to get their project completed. - February 29, 2012

Editors' Lounge Heats Up February with Hot Demos from Red Giant, Intelligent Assistance, and AIRware

Learn about the latest in new technology and network with other post production peers at the February Editors' Lounge. - February 17, 2012

January Editors' Lounge Fully Charged with Plethora of Plug-Ins

Product demonstrations from some of the best digital toolmakers in the business were showcased. Lucky attendees won full copies of plug-in software. - February 08, 2012

Plug Into 2012 with The Editors' Lounge Featuring GenArts, Imagineer Systems, Eyeon Fusion, and RE: Vision Effects

The Editor's Lounge will showcase plug-ins and toolsets from some of the best in the business at this month's event. - January 20, 2012

AlphaDogs Providing Post Services for Logo TV Reality Series Bad Sex

File based deliverables included the use of the Kona 3 Card to ensure accuracy of transcoded media. - December 30, 2011

AlphaDogs Helps Save the Earth's Water Supply

90 CGI shots were color corrected and inserted seamlessly into a film that was only 17 minutes in length - December 21, 2011

AlphaDogs Editors' Lounge Panel of Experts Share Creative Editing Techniques

AlphaDogs Post Production Editors’ Lounge takes a closer look into why specific editing decisions are made, rather than how in the latest installment of the editors’ discussion panel series “Why Do We Make That Edit?” - December 14, 2011

AlphaDogs Gets Into the Holiday Spirit with Extreme Christmas Trees

AlphaDogs Post Production design team creates animated main title design for TLC's "Extreme Christmas Trees" timed to a bouncy arrangement of the classic carol "Oh Christmas Tree" - December 02, 2011

AlphaDogs Post Production Creates Awareness for the Homeless in A Star For Rose

AlphaDogs Post Production is pleased to have completed all post services on A Star For Rose, a new film that brings awareness to the homeless population and the struggles of living life on the streets of Los Angeles. - November 18, 2011

AlphaDogs Hangs Ten in Chapters The Surf Movie

AlphaDogs Post Production brings precise and accurate color to Chapters The Surf Movie using Tektronix oscilloscopes to assist in keeping the colorist eye calibrated - November 16, 2011

Pro Video Coalition Sharing Tips on Content Creation at Entertainment Technology Expo

Writers of the Pro Video Coalition will be sharing tips on new tools for content creation at the Entertainment Technology Expo in November. - October 26, 2011

Why Editing Decisions Are Made Revealed at AlphaDogs Post Editors' Lounge Panel Discussion

Experts in the field of post production reveal why specific editing changes are made and how it impacts storytelling - October 20, 2011

Adobe, Blackmagic Design, and Ciphertex Showcase the Latest in Editing Technology at AlphaDogs Post Editors' Lounge

Editors, Assistant Editors, and other industry professionals learn about the latest editing technology and time saving techniques at AlphaDogs Post Editors' Lounge - October 12, 2011

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