Mary Davis Recently Honored in the Field of Environmental Education. Who Better to Teach About Sharing Nature with Children at Sheldrake Environmental Center?

This fall, recently honored Mary Davis will start teaching Sheldrake's Volunteer Environmental Education Training Program. - August 13, 2014

At Sheldrake, Summer Isn't Over Yet and Fall is Already Planned

What to do this year in late summer and fall. - August 06, 2014

Family Ponding at the Larchmont Reservoir with Sheldrake Environmental Center

Family fun with Sheldrake on June 1st. Join Sheldrake and look to see who is living in in their local pond. Come help Sheldrake welcome the much awaited warm weather. - May 17, 2014

Sheldrake Environmental Center Wants All to Know There's Lots Happening in Nature in Winter

While it may look quiet out there, there's lots happening in nature, and Sheldrake has programs designed to help explore, even during the wintry months. - January 30, 2014

Sheldrake Environmental Center is Teaming Up with 2bpresent to Offer This Guided Nature Walk and Meditation Experience

Research has shown that spending time in nature has a healing quality that can help people be more peaceful and calm, in what is the very hectic and stressful lifestyle of modern days. Join Sheldrake Environmental Center educator Jenny Geer and 2bpresent meditation instructors, Cheryl Brause and... - May 21, 2013

Sheldrake Environmental Center to Offer Exciting Ecological Experiences Through Their Summer Children’s Programs

There’s fun for children of all ages at Sheldrake Environmental Center! Sign your child up for Sheldrake’s June Mini Camp for Pre-schoolers. It’s perfect for the gap between the end of pre-school and the beginning of summer camp. Then, starting in July, Sheldrake will be offering a Summer Nature Camp for children ages 3-8. Your children will not only have a blast, but will also learn important ecological concepts. - May 19, 2013

Kids on Consumer Overload? It’s Time to Get Back Outside & Explore Nature’s Gifts at Sheldrake Environmental Center

This time of year, when it can be especially hard for kids to find a commercial-free zone, Sheldrake gets them outside to explore nature's gifts. - December 14, 2012

Relieve Back-to-School Stress at Sheldrake Environmental Center

Simply being in nature has a calming effect on people of all ages. Sheldrake offers plenty of opportunities for individuals and families to spend time in nature. This back-to-school season, making more trips to Sheldrake could mean making fewer trips to the doctor’s office. - August 28, 2012

Children’s Programs for Every Season at Sheldrake Environmental Center

Winter in the woods... then, spring and summer are back for the kids. - January 19, 2012

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