Dr. Timothy Bilash Announces a New Weekly Tuesday Videocast Series

Dr. Timothy Bilash, MD is conducting a new series of web-based question and answer discussions covering the topics of COVID-19, thyroid, and the immune system. - March 31, 2020

Dr. Timothy Bilash to Present Lecture on Evidence-Based Medicine – Confusing or Clarifying?

Evidence-based medicine is the use of statistical-based methodology to diagnose and treat individual patients. This method is highly-questionable as it uses population-based data and has limitations because it does not address medical and clinical components. - September 02, 2013

Dr. Timothy Bilash Announces Upcoming Lecture, “Why Can’t I Find A Doctor?—The New Medicine”

Dr. Timothy Bilash announces the sixth installment in his Summer Women's Health Series, “Why Can’t I Find A Doctor?—The New Medicine.” Dr. Bilash’s Summer Women’s Health Series is a suite of free lectures designed to present and discuss important issues in... - August 23, 2013

Dr. Tim Bilash Announces New Findings Refuting Previous Studies on Hormone Replacement Therapy, Offers Free Consultations

Dr. Timothy Bilash, MD OBGYN announces that he is reporting research findings challenging prior beliefs that post-menopausal women should not take estrogen. - July 26, 2013

Dr. Timothy Bilash to Present Talk on the Effects of Androgens on Women’s Health

Testosterone supplements have been hailed as a miracle cure for menopausal women, but are they really safe? On Tuesday, July 23rd and repeating on Saturday, July 27th, Solana Beach OB/GYN Timothy Bilash, MD will present an enlightening talk titled, “The Testosterone Story – How... - July 12, 2013

Dr. Tim Bilash to Present Lecture on Fructose-Free, Macronutrient-Focused Diet for Optimal Health

Dr. Bilash will discuss how to follow a fructose-free, macronutrient-focused dietary program to ensure optimal health, the benefits of oils versus fats, and the revolutionary FLING Diet® Program—a program that allows good tasting foods that provide high levels of nutrients to increase overall health. - June 23, 2013

Premarin Update – Reduced Incidence of Breast Cancer While Taking Estrogen -- an Informational Talk by Dr. Tim Bilash, MD

Despite all of the negative press that estrogen has received over the last ten years, estrogen therapy doesn’t necessarily increase the risk of developing breast cancer. In fact, new findings reveal that in certain cases, estrogen replacement therapy can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. - June 09, 2013

Dr. Timothy Bilash Announces Summer Women's Health Series

Dr. Timothy Bilash, MD, will present a series of lectures on several controversial topics concerning women's health. - May 30, 2013

Dr Tim Bilash to Present Lecture: Flu Vaccines: Don't Let Big Pharma Fool You!

Dr. Tim Bilash, OB/GYN announced today the upcoming lecture on women's health and the effectiveness of the flu vaccine titled, "Flu Vaccines: Don't Let Big Pharma Fool You!" The lecture will take place on January 3, 2013 in Solana Beach, CA. Dr. Tim Bilash, a board-certified OB/GYN... - December 24, 2012

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