CashVille Kidz Road Shows in Schools Nationwide

The CashVille Kidz Road Show team Spreads Financial Knowledge and Joy through Fun and Engaging Activities in schools across Malaysia. - June 29, 2013

Young MTDC Entrepreneurs at Schools Program

Entrepreneurship skills can now begin to flourish even before students graduate from Secondary School. - June 29, 2013

Klang Valley School Wins the Alliance Bank Money & Math Challenge (MMC) 2012 Grand Finale

Students from SJK (C) Puay Chai (2), Petaling Jaya beat 19 other schools and walked away with RM 8,000.00. - November 09, 2012

Alliance Bank Money and Math Challenge (MMC) – Grand Finale and Closing Ceremony

Top 20 Primary School Teams from Penang, Johor and Klang Valley to battle it out against each other at the Alliance Bank Money and Math Challenge (MMC) Grand Finale. - October 30, 2012

Maybank-MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup (YES) Challenge (Season 4) Grand Prize Winner Revealed

Team “PaceMaker” wins the Grand Prize of Maybank-MoneyTree YES Challenge (Season 4) and walked away with RM20,000.00 - September 28, 2012

Maybank-MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup (YES) Challenge (Season 4) – Red Carpet Party

Grand Prize Winner of Maybank-MoneyTree YES Challenge (Season 4) to be unveiled at the Red Carpet Party. - September 15, 2012

New Enterprise Exchange (NEXT) Challenge (Season 1) – Closing Ceremony

NEXT Challenge Season 1 comes to a close with a night of Celebration and Recognition for the NEXT Best Trader and NEXT Best Managed Team. - May 04, 2012

Maybank-MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup (YES) Challenge (Season 4) – Breakthrough 2 Session

15 Teams battled for survival against brutal scrutiny of judges with hopes to move on to the next stage of YES 4. - March 09, 2012

Maybank’s Adopted Schools Enjoy a Special School Holiday Treat Under the PINTAR Program

Students from 2 schools in Penang were shuttled over to Ampang for a fun outing and learning camp. - December 08, 2011

2nd Session of Maybank-MoneyTree Idea eXchange (MIX) (Season 2) – Grand Finale

Team Lotus beats 21 other teams and walks away with RM 2,000 in the latest session of Maybank-MoneyTree Idea eXchange (MIX). - December 07, 2011

67 Students Complete Uni.Asia Life Assurance’s (UAL) Financial Academy Program

Students complete financial literacy course at COPE Adventure, Ampang. - December 06, 2011

Helping Youths Build Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Allowing Their Dreams to Take Flight

43 aspiring entrepreneurs undergo the first session of the Maybank-MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup (YES) Entrepreneurship Training in Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UniRazak), KL. - November 05, 2011

Children from Orphanage Homes Benefit from Moneytree’s Financial Literacy Program

MoneyTree’s Financial Literacy Program taught to children from orphanage homes to prepare them for a brighter financial future. - October 13, 2011

MoneyTree Grooms Financially Savvy and Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs

102 schoolchildren create footsteps for a financially secure future with Moneytree and Kuwait Finance House (KFH). - October 12, 2011

The NEXT Step for Financial Education in Asia

New Enterprise Exchange (NEXT) is first of its kind in Asia. Education and coaching for youth on IPO process, with true-to-life market simulations for students. - October 12, 2011

Budding Entrepreneurs Among Non-Business Undergraduates

Who says non-Business students can't be Entrepreneurial? Read on about a group of hospitality and polytechnic students who completed the NEXT Entrepreneur Program and what it's all about. - July 21, 2011

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