New Bottle Caps from Rings & Things Are Tops

New bottle caps for jewelry-making, from Rings & Things, are tops. Made in the USA, these are food-grade (but unused). These “bottle crowns” have no rubber lining, so they are ready to use in jewelry designs. The exteriors are painted and the bottle top is lacquered against rusting. - March 18, 2011

Meter Wise, Spool Wiser: Rings & Things Charm Chain

Rings & Things lays on the charms, with new charm chain. This “dangle chain” drapes nicely and adds great texture, depth and jingle to all types of designs, and is eye-catching enough to be the focus of a jewelry piece. This unique four- to five-millimeter cable chain sports... - February 23, 2011

New Supplies for Hair Accessories from Rings & Things

Jewelry parts supplier Rings & Things invites craft artisans to comb through its new findings for making hair accessories. All have reasonable prices and reliable quality, allowing designers to let their hair down and create with confidence. Extensions to Rings & Things' line of quality... - December 25, 2010

Kilns Ramp Up at Rings & Things

Kilns are ramping up at Rings & Things. The jewelry-supply company has added to its selection of kilns and firing supplies to meet artisans’ needs with versatility, controlled firing and compact sizes. Kilns at Rings & Things range from an ultralight “beehive” kiln, with... - September 02, 2010

Steampunk Components Go Full Steam at Rings & Things

Steampunk jewelry components pick up full steam at Rings & Things. The increasingly popular retro-futuristic feel of steampunk is reflected in the jewelry parts supplier’s new gears, sprockets, watch parts and more: * Fun industrial design elements come in the form of genuine old and new... - July 17, 2010

Contest Winners Use Innovative Techniques

Rings & Things' 2010 "Your Designs Rock" Contest is over, and judges were impressed with innovative ways winners used R&T jewelry components. With a broad showing of talent from around the world, Rings & Things is proud to announce that this year's Grand Prize goes to Sarah... - June 25, 2010

R&T BeadTour Shows Bring the Beads

Springtime arrives, roads clear, and Rings & Things loads its “big bead truck” to bring its BeadTour to eager beaders nationwide. The 2010 bead-show season sees R&T’s crew crisscrossing the country to bring hands-on bead shopping to thousands of fans. On R&T’s... - March 14, 2010 Unveils Site Redesign

Beads and findings have gotten a decidedly new look at Rings & Things. The worldwide jewelry parts supplier announces site improvements that are designed for customers’ convenience. The new look of R&T’s website starts with its attractive and easy-to-use home page at... - February 21, 2010

R&T 2010 "Super Supplement" Adds Beads and Findings by the Hundreds

Bead company Rings & Things has published its 144-page “Super Supplement”. This volume encompasses new items the jewelry supplier has added since its 2-year main catalog came out. Besides hundreds of new beads & findings, the Super Supplement incorporates improvements suggested... - January 27, 2010

Rings & Things Sparkly Glass Beads Go a Cut Above

Rings & Things supplies bead-jewelry makers with new stock of an old classic: sparkly glass beads. Added to R&T’s long string of wholesale hits, these new imported “sparklies” are literally a cut above the competition. The secret to the impressive shine of the new sparkly... - December 05, 2009

Rings & Things Hooks Jewelry Crafters Up with Wood Chain

Wood chain is the organic missing link to great jewelry designs, and tree-embracing artisans are welcoming a forest of styles that have sprouted at Rings & Things. No ifs, ands or 'woulds': "That wood chain had me at hello - and I had to get my hands on it," says R&T blog partner,... - November 19, 2009

Rings & Things Counts the Days Till 2010 Design Contest

“Your Designs Rock!” is not just encouragement. YDR is also the name of the popular design contest of creations made from Rings & Things products, and the 2010 edition is coming soon. The wholesale supplier of beads and findings invites craft jewelry makers to prepare their favorite... - September 04, 2009

Rings & Things Announces Its 2009 Design Contest Winners

Rings & Things, the wholesale beads and findings distributor, announces its 2009 design contest winners. “Your Designs Rock!” is the apt name for this competition, as the entries that took prizes are a very high-quality group this year. Taking both the Grand Prize and the Metal... - June 12, 2009

Shiny New "Swarovski 5328’s" Replacing Classic "5301’s" at Rings & Things

Wholesale beads and findings distributor, Rings & Things, announces a major upgrade to its longtime bestselling line of crystal beads. The classic Swarovski® 5301 bicone bead is being replaced by the shinier, forgery-proof 5328. The new 5328 beads, scheduled to be in stock this summer,... - June 11, 2009

Dozens of New Metal-Stamping Blanks at Rings & Things

Wholesale beads and findings distributor, Rings & Things, introduces dozens of new quality blanks for metal-stamping jewelry. The range of shapes and styles on offer lets any craftsperson easily build unique artisan adornments. Each new blank is being sold in both timeless sterling silver and... - May 10, 2009

New Edition of Popular "Gemstone Beads Index" from Rings & Things

Rings & Things Wholesale has published the newest edition of its popular “Gemstone Beads Index.” With updated information, new entries and even more photographs for gemstone identification, this revised edition is an invaluable resource for jewelry makers. From geology to... - April 25, 2009

Shell Pearls from Rings & Things Bring Jewelry Makers Great Value

Rings & Things, the wholesale bead and jewelry-components supplier, introduces an expanded line of high-value shell pearls. Also called “shellies”, these pearls are a cross between real and faux gemstone, and add great value to jewelry in many ways. The shell pearl has become... - March 25, 2009

Rings & Things Wins a Second Pinnacle Award for Commute-Trip Reduction

Bead and jewelry supplier Rings & Things has won its second “Way to Go!” Pinnacle Award in two years for its commute-trip reduction (CTR) achievements. The company’s Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), Selina Shehan, accepted the award at a January ceremony. The... - February 11, 2009

Rings & Things 2009-2010 Catalog Brings Many Exciting Changes

Rings & Things, the wholesale-priced supplier of jewelry components, introduces many exciting changes with its newest two-year catalog. The 2009-2010 edition features numerous improvements based on feedback from countless loyal customers: * The new Rings & Things catalog weighs 29% less... - January 16, 2009

Las Hermanas, Los Hermanos and Rings & Things Partner to Help Develop a Salvadoran Village

Wholesale jewelry-parts supplier Rings & Things has partnered with two groups to support the development of a village in El Salvador. The company has provided monetary support and volunteers to a women’s-empowerment organization named Las Hermanas (“Sisters”), and a youth... - December 31, 2008

Rings & Things Announces Its 2009 “Your Designs Rock!” Contest

Rings & Things announces its popular yearly “Your Designs Rock!” contest for the best creations made from the company’s wholesale jewelry-making products. Entrants are invited to show their favorite handmade design — it can be anything. Entries for the contest will be... - December 19, 2008

Rings & Things African Art Goes on Sale for the Holidays

Known for its African art and for its competitive wholesale prices, Rings & Things has decided to combine two good things to celebrate the holidays. For the entire month of December, 2008, the jewelry-parts wholesaler has cut prices on its African masks and other art by 20%. Handcrafted masks,... - December 13, 2008

Great Findings for Craft Jewelry Makers: the Beads They’re Searching for

Rings & Things has added powerful new search features to its website. The new functions allow craft jewelry makers to easily find the beads they’re looking for, anywhere in the entire website. Jewelry makers can now find the beads and findings they’re looking for, not only in the... - November 08, 2008

Rings & Things Introduces Tube-Top Bails

Expanding its line of jewelry findings made for glass craftspeople, Rings & Things introduces new tube-top bails. Imported specially from Israel, these sterling silver bails are designed to support heavier glass (and gemstone) pieces on thicker stringing materials. These tube-top bails sport a... - October 10, 2008

Autumn Colors Go Metallic, with Rings & Things’ Plated Leaf/Cone Pendants

Autumn leaves can be a great organic design inspiration, with their hues of gold, copper, and…silver? Rings & Things introduces real leaves—and pinecones—chemically transformed into shiny fashion pendants. To create one of these pendants, a genuine leaf or tiny cone is... - September 04, 2008

Rings & Things Publishes "Bead Shapes Glossary"

Jewelry-supplies wholesaler Rings & Things has published a unique online resource, the “Bead Shapes Glossary”. Available for free at, the glossary includes many dozens of entries. Entries in the Bead Shapes Glossary are... - July 19, 2008

Rings & Things is top USA Referring Dealer in Swarovski® Contest

Rings & Things has been named the top USA referring dealer in Swarovski’s 2008 “Be Naturally Inspired!” design contest. The Spokane wholesaler of beads and jewelry findings was mentioned by more contest applicants than any other business in the country. As a Swarovski... - June 12, 2008

Introducing an Affordable Gold Alternative: Anti-Tarnish Brass Jewelry Findings

With prices for precious metals reaching record highs, Rings & Things Wholesale is pleased to offer a new line of anti-tarnish brass jewelry findings that offer the warm color of gold without the pocketbook pain. Made from a proprietary new tarnish-resistant brass alloy, these lead-free... - May 09, 2008

Rings & Things Announces 2008 "Your Designs Rock!" Jewelry Contest Results

Jewelry-supplies wholesaler Rings & Things is pleased to announce the completion of its fifth annual design contest. From a cosmopolitan and talented array of entries, "R&T" proudly announces that this year’s grand-prize winner is Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg from Ansonia,... - May 01, 2008

‘Green’ Rings & Things Celebrates Earth Day…Every Day

With Earth Day (April 22) approaching, Spokane jewelry-parts wholesaler Rings & Things announces some efforts to be Earth-friendly in an industry that can be pretty tough on the planet. Some of the measures the company takes include: * Using eco-friendly packing peanuts made of cornstarch... - April 10, 2008

Rings & Things Announces New Gemstone Harmonies Combinations

Jewelry-supplies wholesaler Rings & Things is pleased to introduce a new line of gemstone beads. Gemstone Harmonies™ are strands of alternating gemstones carefully selected by Rings & Things composers. These pleasing stone combinations are offered in a number of versatile bead shapes,... - March 21, 2008

Rings & Things Presents Aanraku Bails in Gold Plate

Rings & Things presents the newest addition to its line of quality jewelry-making components: Aanraku™ bails in gold plate. Partnering the craftsmanship of the Aanraku company with Rings & Things’ 35-year track record as a trusted wholesaler, these carefully-engineered findings... - March 20, 2008

Rings & Things Announces New Tafuri Tough™ Leather Bracelet Cuffs

Leather cuff bracelets are the height of jewelry couture right now, and wholesaler Rings & Things feeds the demand with its new line of Tafuri Tough™ cuffs. Acting locally while thinking globally, Rings & Things is working with a hometown Spokane manufacturer to provide these quality... - March 08, 2008

Rings & Things Announces 2008 "Your Designs Rock" Jewelry Contest

Announcing this year's jewelry-design contest from Rings & Things. - February 13, 2008

Rings & Things Announces a Line of Solid-Copper Beads

Rings & Things announces a line of solid-copper beads to meet the demand for quality metal jewelry components. Fashionable for their earthy heft and mellow gleam, copper beads have been appearing in designer jewelry lately, often complimented by wire wrapping, hematite beads, hemp, and other... - January 13, 2008

Announcing an Earth-Friendly Holiday Line from Rings & Things: African Craft Art

Introducing a new, sustainable line of holiday gifts: Crafts from Africa. - November 15, 2007

Rings & Things' Gemstone Beads Index

Rings & Things Wholesale provides an informative, honest reference guide to help bead jewelry makers identify semiprecious gemstones with confidence. - November 08, 2007

Rings & Things’ Bead-Designing Games Are a Neat Trick…and a Treat

New online jewelry-designing games from Rings & Things Wholesale make beading even more fun. - October 05, 2007

Rings & Things Backs Glass Art for Winning Jewelry, with New Bracelet Blanks

Rings & Things Wholesale announces an expanded selection of bracelet forms, perfect for transforming art glass into popular jewelry. Another bestselling look is sea glass glued to Rings & Things' forms, as featured in the August 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Disk-and-loop... - September 26, 2007

Rings & Things Wholesale Announces New Aanraku™ Bails for Easy Pendant Gluing

Announcing new Aanraku necklace bails for the professional craftsperson to craft with confidence - August 30, 2007

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