Remote Patient Monitoring for Value Based Care Organizations Provides Cost-Effective Actionable Insights and Patient Engagement

CENSON Health announces the release of its new remote patient monitoring solution to support value based care organizations. - April 13, 2022

CENSON Care Combats Coronavirus with Remote Patient Care

Patient cohorts with multiple chronic health conditions, and those over 60 are particularly susceptible to influenza and Coronavirus epidemics. Not only are Home Health Care and Assisted Living Facility patients at increased risk, but those risks are also increased for care providers, and even... - March 01, 2020

CENSON Care Tackles Unmet Home Health Care Needs

Unmet home health care needs have been linked to poor health, increased use of other health services, admission to nursing homes and reduced emotional well-being. Data from a Community Health Survey describes home care use and unmet home care needs by type (i.e., home health care [HHC] and support... - January 31, 2020

CENSONĀ® Care Trials Hospital at Home Care

Over 20 years ago, the first randomized controlled trial comparing acute care at home versus treatment in an acute care hospital found no major outcome differences for their conditions, with most patients and caregivers preferring home hospital care. - January 02, 2020

Remote Patient Monitoring from CENSON Care Improves Treatment Decisions

Medical evidence and clinical guidelines published over the last decade have shown the importance of 24-hour remote patient monitoring as the reference standard, alongside self-measured blood pressure monitoring (SMBP) as an acceptable alternative for obtaining Blood Pressure to diagnose and treat... - December 22, 2019

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