Powerful New Tool Calculates and Offsets Social Media Carbon Footprint

A new free calculator exposes the carbon cost of social media habits, puts this into context and provides an option to remove carbon. - June 10, 2022

British Startup Sets Targets on Preventing Mental Illness with New Approach to Mental Fitness - Video Interview

Minderful Co-Founder, Dr. Prior talks with Well, That's Interesting Tech! about his personal mental health journey and how Minderful aims to help reduce global mental health crises - April 21, 2021

Well That's Interesting Tech Releases New TechWithPurpose Video Interview Featuring HealthTech Startup Disrupting Global Preventable Health Crisis

In this, the latest in the series of Tech Leader Talks video interviews, the CEO and co-founder of Bisu talks about how easy, clean, at-home urine and saliva testing could change public health worldwide. - April 20, 2021

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