Powerful Addons Created and Modified for Updated WorksForWeb Classified Software

A 6.1.3 update has been released for all WorksForWeb Classified Software. Along with the updated classified website software are both new and modified versions of four key addons that are designed to enhance the classified website experience for customers. Classified ad business administrators now have powerful tools that provide ease of use for their customers and increased sales.

Powerful Addons Created and Modified for Updated WorksForWeb Classified Software
Wilmington, DE, March 21, 2013 --(PR.com)-- WorksForWeb wishes to announce the release of an updated 6.1.3 version of their iRealty, iAuto Bikes, iLister, and iLister Pets Classified Software packages. This recent update also affects four powerful addon tools that can be used with the newly updated software packages.

The Currency Converter addon allows classified businesses desiring to operate internationally to offer currency conversion rates to customers. With this application, visitors can check current prices on apartments, houses, motorbikes, cars, pets, or other items in their own currency. Information is supplied by Open Exchange Rates (https://openexchangesrates.org) and the website owner must have either a free or paid account with them for the software to function.

The Sub-Administrator Accounts addon provides the website owner with complete control over what access sub-administrators have throughout the website. This important addon allows strict protection of sensitive information areas while allowing multiple accounts for limited use of those working as IT personnel, template design contractors, data entry staff, or systems administrators.

The Ads On Map addon features a Google display map using their API v.3 technology which provides numerous advantages for classified websites. Users can search for listing results to see origins and other information. This is particularly useful for those utilizing WorksForWeb classified websites that offer real estate, cars, motor bikes, and pets which normally require visitation or pick up. A Google account is required for the application to function.

The Featured Ads Slider addon provides the means for multiple images to be viewed in either a Carousel or Slide Show method on any classified ads webpage. Visitors can easily view various photos of an item using limited space and without having to click back and forth between images. Options include being able to set up the Featured Ads Slider either horizontally for left or right viewing or vertically for up or down viewing.

All addons work with WorksForWeb Classified Software packages that are a 6.1.3 version or higher. They are sold separately and come with free installation upon purchase.

The detailed information can be found at http://www.worksforweb.com/publications/worksforweb-classified-software-v-6-1-3-released/
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