Go Large Records Announces Mike Warren with Signature Sound Hits the Scene

Plans to open for John Michael Montgomery or ZZ Top are not beyond their scope as they have already been approached the big label, Sony Records for a sit down discussion and possible signing. - August 08, 2009

Go Large Announces David Lashu Set to Hit Scene

Hailing from Chicago and settling in Atlanta, David Lashun has a sound as big as Stevie Wonder and a style like Usher. His sound and amazing stage performance make him the next big thing to come out of Atlanta. Unlike many rising R&B stars, David Lashun won a major competition in Chicago at... - July 01, 2009

Win Tickets for The Whiskey on July 11th

Moyra is taking over the scene in Washington and headed down to Los Angeles where they will be performing live at the famous Whiskey A Go Go . Fans can follow them to LA and even hang out with the band as the meet with Capitol Records, a record label that will be in the audience that evening. - June 20, 2009

Go Large Records Shares Industry Secrets with New Division

A new pilot program consisting of one on one time with an industry expert has been developed for the DIY (Do It Yourself) artist to get the advice that he or she needs from industry experts. Advice that would costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Advice that only attorneys and major labels used to provide to their signed artists. - June 05, 2009

Go Large Records Names New Vice President

Derek Jiles has officially accepted the position and has already created a $20,000 prize giveaway as his first official duty as VP of marketing and media. Jiles hails from a lengthy career in the marketing and media world and has most recently centered his concentration in the music end of the entertainment industry. Jiles was brought on board to concentrate on assisting new artists with cheap and inexpensive ways of doing things that record labels traditionally did for artists. - June 03, 2009

Go Large Records Buys Tour Van for Vagabond to Hit Road

Go Large Records has assisted Vagabond in the tour and has even linked them up with Red November, of Houston, Texas, to play several dates at large venues in Houston and Dallas. Red November has played with bands like Blue October and packs the house all over Texas. - June 03, 2009

Go Large Records Gives Back to Community

Go Large Records sponsors one local band in commmunity and offers free marketing. - May 25, 2009

Go Large Records Sponsors $20,000 Giveaway

Vice President of Marketing, Derek Jiles, announced a $20,000 Prize giveaway to 3 lucky winners by August 1, 2009. - May 22, 2009

Go Large Records Business Developer Hit by Flying Muffin

Flying muffin lands record label representation. - May 17, 2009

Go Large Records Expands Program to Assist Producers, Studios and Even Venues

Go Large Media and Entertainment takes on businesses that need exposure and more clients in a waning economy. - May 16, 2009

Go Large Records Offers Unique and Cheap Mothers Day Gift

For five bucks you can take Mom to a night out and listen to a great jazz funk band. - May 06, 2009

Go Large Records New Client J. Hall Exposes the Truth in Music Industry

J.Hall leaves Universal Music group to pursue his own dream and find the Truth in music. - April 21, 2009

Orlando Battle of the Bands Kicks Off with Next Big Thing

Local Orlando band, Anyone’s Guess, has created a Battle of the Bands in Orlando Florida to generate interest in local bands and assist fellow musicians in getting their music heard. The seven show concert series, dubbed, “Orlando’s Next Big Thing,” will be held from May 6 to June 24th and will culminate in one chosen band as the winner. - April 13, 2009

Moyra Launches Birthday Performance

Go Large Records announced today that Moyra is giving a Birthday performance at ‘SODO Showbox’ in the Lounge before heading out to perform at ‘The Whiskey A Go Go’ for Women in Rock Night. - April 07, 2009

Go Large Records Announces Albanian Pop Star Erion Hits the Scene

With lyrics and delivery like Flo-Rida and looks as fresh as Justin Timberlake; bilingual Erion hits the New York scene with a fresh mix of urban pop and dance tunes to keep the crowd moving and entertained. - April 04, 2009

Go Large Records Announces Orlando's Bloodiest Band Creator Takes It National

Having organized the first ever music driven blood drive in Orlando, Rock for Blood, Anyones Guess and Go Large Records is in search of each cities bloodiest band to promote their new album. Their goal is to increase blood bank awareness in every city and go on tour with a unique twist. - March 15, 2009

Go Large Records Launches Media Division

Go Large Records Launches media Division using Itunes, Amazon and other online distribution portals. Clientel include American Idol finalists and the makers of the icarly! music at Universal Studios. - January 27, 2009

The Hoodlaw Movement Joins Go Large Records

Haylo, who is also the creator of “Tha Hoodlaw Report”, developed the Hoodlaw Movement to produce regulation within the hip hop industry and an opportunity to provide others with a “just opportunity to succeed in life and any field of choice.” Now The Hoodlaw Movement has joined forces with Go Large Records. - January 09, 2009

Daniel Casavant, First Canadian Member of Go Large Records

Not only does the distinguished acoustic singer represent one of Canada’s finest musicians, but Daniel Casavant also represents Go Large Records as one of the first Canadian artists to sign with the American based artist development agency. - January 08, 2009

Go Large Records Very Own SynSay Steals Title as Top Northwest Female MC

Full of energy, she has hit the stage with enthusiasm and every show results in a packed house with fans screaming for more. Go Large Records artist development team has jumped onboard to assist her in spreading her wings beyond the Seattle scene. - November 23, 2008

Monroe Moody Comes Under Go Large Records Management

In addition to all of his projects with Go Large Records, in 2006 when Monroe tried out for the American Idol, he also got the opportunity to sing Live on KDWB FM 101.3 in Minneapolis Minnesota and landed in the top sixty (out of over 12,000 contestants) for a chance to go to Hollywood. Go Large Records Management Division helps take him to the next level. - November 21, 2008

Go Large Records Announces the Launch of the Hip Hop Revolution Tour

The Go Large Hip Hop Tour, which is also labeled as the Hip Hop Revolution Tour, is comprised of several sensational artists from each region of the United States and is set to kick off in West Chester, PA. - September 28, 2008

Boneriver Goes National with Go Large Records International, LLC

From their undeniably catchy choruses, grinding rock riffs, monstrous drums, and swirling hooks, Boneriver aligns with Go Large Records in their efforts to build a national tour in 2009. - September 16, 2008

Go Large Records and Holding Out Set Out to Sell Out Audiences in Portland, OR

One of the newest additions to the Portland scene, Holding Out is making a name for themselves within the northwest while maintaining the ability to appeal to the broadest of audiences. - September 05, 2008

Go Large Records Taking Too Deep Large on iTunes

For years, Too Deep has been constantly developing his hip hop career branching from Buffalo, New York to Seattle, Washington to Dallas, putting on phenomenal and hard hitting shows that fans keep coming back for more. Go Large Records is proud to announce their alignment with Too Deep. - September 05, 2008

Varcity Squad Goes with Go Large Records

Go Large Records International, LLC (Go Large Records) has been procured by Varcity Squad for public relations services as well as radio campaigns and tour development. - September 02, 2008

Ro Inks Deal with Go Large Records International, LLC

Go Large Records plans on releasing Ro’s passionate and articulate music to the world. First beginning with iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster distribution inclusion then followed by an in-store campaign for fans to have the opportunity to purchase the superstar’s album. - September 01, 2008

Go Large Records Promotes Brand New Indie Top Ten on MySpace

Go Large Records is proud to announce their brand new September edition of their MySpace Indie Top Ten. - August 30, 2008

Jay Criss Launches Ear Candy with Go Large Records

The 23 year old hip hop star, Jay Criss, is not only a hip hop artist but is also a producer and entrepreneur. Go Large Records launches brand new promotional campaign to take "Ear Candy" to the next level. - August 24, 2008

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