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Amaryllo Won Computex Best Choice Award and Jury’s Special Award

Amaryllo Won Computex Best Choice Award and Jury’s Special Award

Amaryllo is recognized as innovator and market leader in Security and Smartech categories at Computex 2014. - June 01, 2014 - Amaryllo Inc.

High Quality CCTV from Amsterdam with 5 Years Warranty

High Quality CCTV from Amsterdam with 5 Years Warranty

Those who need the best possible coverage in security cameras will find the new SDI HDMI goldplated camera to exceed their expectations. - June 01, 2014 - Stetrin

Amsterdam-Based Designers The Subtles Launch The Neckline - Jewelry with Quietude and an Illusive Twist

Amsterdam-based design duo, The • • Subtles, are excited to announce the launch of The Neckline | Cuffline, a capsule collection of jewelry that distinguishes itself through a combination of chain and thread that create the appearance of a broken chain or add a sharp touch of color allure. - May 28, 2014 - The • • Subtles

IBFD Launches the Global Tax Treaty Commentaries, the First Digital Global Commentary of Its Kind to Assist in the Analysis of Tax Treaties

IBFD introduces the Global Tax Treaty Commentaries, the authoritative source for analysis of tax treaty practices across the globe. This unique online publication is authored by world-class academics and tax professionals. - May 26, 2014 - IBFD

Leinmarket Offers Actionable Customer Insights to Enhance Business Performance

Intensify the business performance with consolidated customer experience and insights. Now, Leinmarket offers unique suite of products and services to evaluate customer analytics of any business to drive maximum profit. - May 22, 2014 - Leinmarket Inc.

TAUS Hosts Industry Leaders Forum in Dublin on June 2-3

This Forum is an ideal opportunity for decision makers to discuss common strategies and push innovation in the translation industry. - May 22, 2014 - TAUS

The European Lottery Guild Once Again Aims to Provide Thousands of Winning Lottery Tickets for Summer Gordo

The European Lottery Guild has announced that online sales for this year’s exciting Spanish Summer Gordo Lottery Draw have commenced on the new Summer Gordo specific site: - May 17, 2014 - European Lottery Guild

PENTATONE May Release: Steinbacher Records Mozart

Finally satisfying a long-standing demand, it is now time for Arabella Steinbacher’s Mozart. Released on PENTATONE, Mozart - Violin Concertos Nos. 3, 4 & 5 is available worldwide as of May 1, 2014. - May 03, 2014 - PENTATONE A Successful Trader is Always Ready to Change Forex Brokers

Analysts from the company mark that successful traders in the forex market stand out for their openness to new offers and for readiness to change broker companies. “In many respects it is quite a natural tendency: as traders grow in professionalism, they also grow in number and... - April 30, 2014 -

European Lottery Guild Pays Out to Customers Globally Between the El Gordo and El Niño Lottery Draws

The European Lottery Guild has announced details of its players’ participation in the recent Spanish lottery draws of El Gordo and El Niño, with some staggering numbers being unveiled. - April 12, 2014 - European Lottery Guild

Yemo Adds Features Within Printspace; Web-to-Print Site to Enhance the Delivery Schema

Added features to enhance the delivery schema within Printspace Web-to-print site. Flexibility, ease of use, enhanced delivery mechanism. - April 12, 2014 - Yemo

Amaryllo Skype Products Now Support Free 15 GB Cloud Storage with Google Drive

Amaryllo Skype Products Now Support Free 15 GB Cloud Storage with Google Drive

Amaryllo’s new apps now enable iCam HD, iBabi HD, and iSensor HD to automatically upload recorded video to consumers’ Google Drive for video playback. - April 06, 2014 - Amaryllo Inc.

TAUS Releases New Translation Technology Directories

TAUS is releasing today a new directory of translation technologies as a free and open service to the global translation industry. The directory contains listings of translation support tools, machine translation engines and language technology tools. - April 05, 2014 - TAUS

IBFD and Comtax Launch Integrated Tool for Analysis and Calculation of Cross-Border Tax

On 11 February 2014, IBFD, the leading provider of cross-border tax expertise, and Comtax, a provider of unique tax planning tools, announced their agreement for a long-term strategic partnership. This has now resulted in the launch of Comtax® Basic through the IBFD Tax Research Platform,... - March 30, 2014 - IBFD

The Spectrum IFA Group Expands in Holland and Belgium

The Spectrum IFA Group are delighted to announce that David Elkan has joined the office in Holland. David has worked in Financial Services for the past 26 years covering all aspects of financial planning and investment advice. Initially working within a large offshore brokerage in South East Asia,... - March 29, 2014 - The Spectrum IFA Group

Anaplan Blazes Into Benelux with Multiple New Customers

Organizations from varied industries across the region rapidly adopt the cloud-based platform. - March 21, 2014 - Anaplan

IBFD Launches Global Mobility on Tax Implications of International Assignments

IBFD’s newest online collection, Global Mobility, is a practical guide to assist in the management of tax obligations and liabilities related to international assignments and cross-border movements of managers and executives in emerging economies. With this publication, IBFD addresses a growing need for detailed information on this challenging subject. - March 15, 2014 - IBFD

Vistnet Boosts Protection Power Across Service Range

Vistnet, one of the leading providers of DDoS protection for SMB's, is pleased to announce the introduction of it's upgraded protection packages. Vistnet Corporation is dedicated to providing its customers with the utmost in effective protection and DDoS mitigation. In that effort the company's... - March 13, 2014 - Vistnet Corporation Limited

Service2Media Launches New Professional Push Messaging Service:

Powerful, secure and scalable multi-platform push messaging service for financial services, media and government. - March 13, 2014 - Service2media

PENTATONE Releases Tchaikovsky's Lesser Known Manfred Symphony

This recording of Manfred Symphony – PENTATONE released March 2014 - tops off an outstanding complete recording of the six numbered symphonies. - March 06, 2014 - PENTATONE

IBFD and Comtax Announce Strategic Partnership to Better Meet International Tax Planning Needs

IBFD, the leading provider of cross-border tax expertise, and Comtax, a provider of unique tax planning tools, announce they have reached an agreement for a long-term strategic partnership. - February 13, 2014 - IBFD

TAUS and Japan Technical Communicators Association Announce Partnership

TAUS and Japan Technical Communicators Association (JTCA) have signed a partnership agreement giving JTCA members a 20% discount on TAUS membership. - February 01, 2014 - TAUS

A Compilation to Please Every Palate

PENTATONE releases a CD compilation of a good variety of music to please every palate, from an incredibly precise performance by Julia Fischer to Mari Kodama’s solo piano which allows you to experience the full glory of Beethoven’s music. This 15-track compilation CD can be enjoyed by both the curious beginner and classical fanatic. - February 01, 2014 - PENTATONE

TAUS Releases Translation Quality Evaluation Best Practices

TAUS, the translation innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, announces the release of Translation Quality Evaluation Best Practices. - January 31, 2014 - TAUS

NetYCE Awarded as "Vendor to Watch 2014"

Analyst group Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has announced NetYCE as "Vendor to Watch 2014". EMA "Vendors to Watch" are companies that deliver unique customer value by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed or provide value in innovative ways. - January 22, 2014 - NetYCE

"The Simpsons" Earns No. 1 Position as Most Frequently Generated Television Series on Random Episode Generator for 2013

It looks like Homer takes the cake. This year, the winner of the most generated episodes on Random Episode Generator is the hit television series “The Simpsons.” “The Simpsons” received the highest number of views on Random Episode Generator, followed by... - January 02, 2014 - Random Episode Generator

The European Lottery Guild Starts 2014 With Millions Up For Grabs

The European Lottery Guild, also known as ELG, has announced that sales for the El Niño Spanish Lottery draw have started, and the response has been outstanding. - December 19, 2013 - European Lottery Guild

MobileRevolution Launches Mobile & Tablet Website Optimization Services

Company Converts & Optimizes Existing websites into Mobile & Tablet ready versions. - December 15, 2013 - MobileRevolution Inc.

Amaryllo Unveils iBabi HD, World’s First HD Skype Baby Monitor with Wireless Motion-Control Technologies at CES 2014

Amaryllo Unveils iBabi HD, World’s First HD Skype Baby Monitor with Wireless Motion-Control Technologies at CES 2014

Amaryllo’s patent-pending technologies allow parents to remotely control Skype wireless baby monitor by intuitive movement of their smartphones anywhere, anytime. - December 14, 2013 - Amaryllo Inc.

Skywalker Develops Integrative Concept for Next Generation Climbing Parks

Reuselhoeve Park offers innovative interactive climbing experience for visitors of all age groups. According to Outdoor & Leisure business analysts, operators of traditional outdoor parks really feel the pressure these days. Visitors and investors alike are asking for innovative solutions when... - November 27, 2013 - Skywalker Adventure Builders

European Lottery Guild Anticipates Many Winners in This Year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery

El Gordo is Spain’s biggest annual lottery, held every year on the 22nd of December. The winnings are huge: over €2.2 Billion in prize money is up for grabs, 180 first prizes of €4 Million each are waiting to be claimed, and 2,754,720 prizes in all are being given away in a single day. - November 19, 2013 - European Lottery Guild

European Lottery Guild’s Lottery Sales Are Going Strong for the Upcoming EuroMillions €100 Million Super Draw

The European Lottery Guild has commenced sales for the upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw. The draw will take place on November 15th, and with a guaranteed jackpot of 100 Million Euros, there could be some big winners. EuroMillions Superdraws are special lottery events, and this draw will be the third... - November 02, 2013 - European Lottery Guild

WFA Short Stay Apartments in Amsterdam Launch New Office at Eindhoven (SkyReach Relocations' Brand for Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam)

World Fashion Apartments, the Premium Provider of short stay apartments in Amsterdam has announced the opening of a new office in Eindhoven, a further sign of the city's growing prospective and need for serviced apartments in Eindhoven. - October 31, 2013 - World Fashion Apartments - Corporate Serviced Apartments

UN Ffd Requests IBFD to Evaluate the Practical Impact of the UN Double Taxation Model Between 1997-2013

At the request of the Committee of Experts on International Co-operation in Tax Matters of the United Nations, IBFD was asked to carry out an assessment of the impact of the UN Model Double Taxation Convention between Developed and Developing Countries (the UN Model) on current tax treaty practice. - October 24, 2013 - IBFD

Customer Focus as Smart Technology Becomes Reality at European Utility Week

The customer or end-user in the smart energy market was in focus at the European Utility Week this week as some 8000 utility professionals gathered at the Amsterdam RAI to hear about the latest technology and solutions for a smarter energy society. - October 19, 2013 - European Utility Week

Xelas Energy Management (XEM) Product Portfolio Improved for IEC 61850 Standards

Xelas Energy Software Announces Availability of Seamless Smart Grid Management Software XEM Version 2 - October 17, 2013 - Xelas Software

European Utility Week Hears That "Energy Desperately Needs Branding"

“Do any of you here honestly believe that your customers like you?” was the question utility professionals were asked during the opening session of European Utility Week at the Amsterdam RAI on Tuesday, 15 October. Engaging customers in the utility industry was an important theme,... - October 17, 2013 - European Utility Week

Smart Energy Challenges in Focus as 8000 Gather for European Utility Week at Amsterdam RAI Next Week

Some 8000 of the utility industry’s leading minds and vendors of the latest technology are gathering for European Utility Week, for the annual smart energy invasion at the Amsterdam RAI from 15-17 October, at what is the largest industry conference and exhibition on the continent. At this... - October 09, 2013 - European Utility Week

Glagoslav Publications Authors Are to Make Appearance During the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

This year Glagoslav presents two prominent authors of Russian literature who have made an outstanding contribution to modern writing. - October 04, 2013 - Glagoslav Publications

True Nature Foundation Starts International Project to Bring Back the Aurochs

The True Nature Foundation has launched a project to bring back the Aurochs; the Uruz Project. Uruz is the old Germanic word for Aurochs and seems fit for a project that has the goal to recreate the mighty wild cattle that roamed throughout Europe until four centuries ago. - October 03, 2013 - True Nature Foundation

iGoogle Closes in 30 Days, Over 15 Million Users to be Affected

iGoogle Closes in 30 Days, Over 15 Million Users to be Affected

Google is shutting down iGoogle in 30 days & leave an estimated 15 million without their homepage. Google remains ambiguous while thousands complain on the Google Product Forums. To fill this gap, many alternatives exist, some complex while others simple and intuitive, that offer a faster and cleaner experience than even iGoogle itself. Now is the time to tell your iGoogle-using friends to move on. - October 02, 2013 -

Focus on Renewable Energy Integration and Storage at European Utility Week in Amsterdam in October

The challenges inherent to integrating renewable energy into utility power grids will be in focus at the Renewable Energy Integration & Energy Storage Conference from 15-17 October in Amsterdam. The event will take place as part of the European Utility Week, attended by 8000+ smart energy... - September 20, 2013 - European Utility Week

Minerva Unveils Suite of Turnkey Multiscreen Clients Under YourTV Brand

Minerva Networks, a leading provider of software solutions for the delivery of television services to broadband connected devices, unveiled a complete suite of multiscreen clients under the YourTV brand. In conjunction with the latest release of the Company’s iTVFusion service management... - September 14, 2013 - Minerva Networks

Neuromarketing World Forum 2014 to Convene in New York

On March 5-7, 2014, the Neuromarketing World Forum will bring together business and academic thought leaders from around the world who are dedicated to understanding consumer behaviour through neuromarketing research. This is the first time the global conference is being held in North America. - September 11, 2013 - Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

EU LOCIMAP Project for Low Carbon Industrial Parks Announces Next Workshops in Finland and Spain

EU LOCIMAP project for low carbon industrial parks announces next workshops in Finland and Spain in October and November 2013. - September 08, 2013 - LOCIMAP

European Utility Week 2013: Siemens Solutions Ensure a Grid Ready for the Future

The growing importance amongst the various stakeholders in the utility industry of collaboration, interoperability, shared targets and joint ambitions will be in focus at the upcoming, annual European Utility Week in the Amsterdam RAI from 15-17 October. - September 06, 2013 - European Utility Week

Engerati presents European Utility Week Webinar Series

The Engerati online smart energy platform will present a Webinar series in the run-up to the annual European Utility Week featuring leading smart grid technology and service providers in the utility industry including Siemens, McAfee/Intel, Atos, IBM, Itron and Opower. Engerati has been an... - September 04, 2013 - Engerati

Smart Grids and T&D Industry in Europe Facing Regulatory and Infrastructure Challenges

“Energy utilities may well be amongst the biggest industrial polluters, but they also hold the keys to a clean, green future,” says European Utility Week conference producer Ed Butler. The rapidly evolving power transmission and distribution system and the challenges in incorporating... - August 29, 2013 - European Utility Week

Amaryllo Debuts iCam HD, World’s First HD Skype Wireless IP Camera

Amaryllo Debuts iCam HD, World’s First HD Skype Wireless IP Camera

Boasting the best streaming video quality and safest remote security access, Amaryllo readies iCam HD at IFA Berlin 2013. - August 28, 2013 - Amaryllo Inc.

EU LOCIMAP Project Reports on First Workshop in the UK

The first workshop of the EU LOCIMAP ((Low Carbon Industrial Manufacturing Parks) project on the 10th of July was hosted by Sembcorp, operators of the Wilton International industrial park in the UK. The event attracted more than 45 attendees from industrial parks, industry associations, local... - August 25, 2013 - LOCIMAP

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