Lawhorn's Announces Amazing New Seasoning

Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings announces the national roll-out of their spectacular new all-natural seasoning blend that will change the way the average American cooks. This revolutionary blend enhances the natural flavors of every protein, starch and vegetable its cooked on. Developed by a hotel Executive Chef, this professional seasoning blend is unique in the fact that it tastes different on beef than is does on pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, etc. Release details how to purchase product.

Haines City, FL, August 15, 2008 --( Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings announces the national introduction of its All Natural professional seasoning blend to both commercial and retail markets. Restaurateur and company founder Tim Lawhorn explains. “This is a “revolutionary seasoning blend that improves the flavor profiles on every protein, starch, or vegetable cooked with it. Our seasoning does not change or mask the flavors of what you’re cooking; it’s a flavor enhancer that actually brings out the natural flavors of food!”

Lawhorn initially developed his blend some 20 years ago during his days as a hotel executive chef. “I inherited a very young, multi-cultural staff, many of whom could not read or speak English well enough to follow complicated recipes, so I blended some herbs & spices together, tweaked the blend a bit, and there it was! My kitchen staff could easily utilize this blend throughout our banquet menu. It quickly became the focal point of our hotel’s restaurant outlets as well. The locals loved the flavor of our center-of-the-plate steak, seafood, pork, and chicken offerings. Little did they know the blend was on most of their side dishes too.”

Lawhorn says the seasoning is versatile enough for everyday home use, but the food industry is where its versatility really shines. It just has that ”Wow” factor that isn’t found very often. “We’ve seen housewives, backyard BBQ fans, and local restaurants go crazy over the flavor our blend produces without any effort at all, but the commercial applications are really almost endless.”

Two years ago, Ed Strickland, a Hormel executive from Orlando, ate a steak at one of Lawhorn’s restaurants and raved about the incredible flavor. “I’ve never had a better steak than what you just cooked for my wife and me. You need to bottle that stuff and sell it!” Lawhorn recalls Strickland saying, which was all he needed to hear coming from a 30-year Hormel grocery veteran. Soon his quest to take this amazing seasoning from his kitchen to the world market began in earnest. Jim Elliott, a Regional VP of Sysco-Orlando and long-time friend, put him in touch with the same spice company that handles Sysco’s private labeling, and within 4 months, the product was ready for commercial packaging. “Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings owes many thanks to Jim for introducing us to the right company for the job,” states an appreciative Lawhorn.

Lawhorn is currently engaged in discussions with several regional grocery and restaurant operations, and has recently had cuttings with Hooters of America, Publix Supermarkets, and Bonefish Grille, to name a few. Commercial distribution in Florida is being handled by Stan’s Coffee/P&L Foods, Ft. Myers, Florida. The all natural seasoning blend is currently available through numerous retail and restaurant locations throughout the Southeastern United States. Lawhorn is looking forward to completing distribution agreements with several national food service players by the end of the year. The company currently ships their 4.75oz. Retail size, and 26oz. Restaurant size by the bottle or case directly from their website, Wholesale and commercial pricing information is available by contacting Tim via e-mail at:

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