New Route to Hair Free Skin - But Are You At Risk of Serious Complications?

In the USA in 2007 nearly 1.5 mil. laser hair removal procedures were carried out. Shockingly a staggering 19.9% of patients undergoing these procedures experience complications. was founded in 2005 to provide consumers with little-publicized information on laser hair removal, and is launching a new book aiming to bring the knowledge needed by consumers out from behind the locked doors of the laser clinics and places it firmly in the hands of those that need it.

New York, NY, September 12, 2008 --( Success of Laser Hair Removal Threatened by Increasingly Common Dangers and Widespread Ignorance.

The removal of unwanted hair using lasers is becoming increasingly commonplace; in the USA in 2007, nearly 1.5 million laser hair removal procedures were carried out1 and shockingly a staggering 19.9% of patients undergoing these procedures experience complications2.

Increasingly consumers are having to take their fate into their own hands and perform the research and investigation necessary to ensure that they receive the appropriate treatment rather than relying on the dubious expertise of some of the laser hair removal clinics, many of which are not operating under the direct supervision of a qualified doctor or dermatologist.

“I never want to go near a laser again,” says former laser hair removal patient Andrea (age 43) of Brooklyn, New York. After undergoing treatments totaling $2,900 in cost over the course of a year, Andrea has now reverted to shaving her unwanted body hair as the treatment was almost completely ineffective. “The wasted money, although it is a lot of money to me, is irrelevant compared to what I have suffered in pain and embarrassment undergoing treatment after treatment which initially had no effect at all and then when the laser strength was increased resulted in sore, unsightly burns.”

Now a brand new report has been created, aimed squarely at consumers who want to get laser hair removal without the risk of side effects or ineffective treatment. Readers can download this free insider report, Top 10 Must-Know Tips on Laser Hair Removal, from This no-nonsense guide will help patients to avoid the fate experienced by Andrea and ensure that they get the right laser hair removal treatment for their specific circumstances.

“Be prudent and selective when evaluating your options for any possible cosmetic procedure,” advises dermatologist Gary Monheit, MD, president of the ASDS.

Patients must realize that just because a laser clinic near their home is offering treatment for a good price doesn’t mean that this particular clinic possesses the expertise or the equipment to safely and effectively treat their skin type. The knowledge offered in the newly published book: Insider Secrets of Laser Hair Removal (available from September 2008) gives consumers the ability to understand the whole process of laser hair removal and how it will apply to their own physiology and specific goals. was founded in 2005 to provide consumers with little-publicized information on laser hair removal. The site offers a range of articles, research materials and message forums for people considering this life-changing treatment.

Ingrid Preube
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