Belmont Baptist Church Present God’s Big Backyard Extravaganza

Belmont Baptist Church presents God’s Big Backyard Extravaganza. A large array of food, singers, Author Signing, and much more fun for the kids will be at Belmont Baptist’s for a multi-media event at Belmont Baptist Church in Los Angeles California on September 27, from 10-5 pm.

Los Angeles, CA, September 16, 2008 --( Belmont Baptist Church gathers a diverse collection of food, activities, and Author Signing to be hosted at God’s Big Backyard Extravaganza on September 27. Belmont Baptist leaders and visionaries invite those near and far to join in an event that will give our community food for thought and Los Angeles resident’s inspiration and power to make a difference in their own communities. Participants include an Author Signing by MG Hardie the author of the 5 star rated book EveryDay Life, a Pan-African band, Praise Dancing, Poetry readings, African-American Artwork, Singers, Food, T-Shirts, Toys, and more.

"This is an Event that we feel the community needs. We need to celebrate the Lord and at the same time we need to take back our youth.” Said Dr. Pastor Ronald Bridget, Pastor of Belmont Baptist. “Yes it is a celebration, but it is to take in serious consideration of our faith and belief in the community as a whole. In Los Angeles homeless youth, teenage pregnancy, education and gang violence are issues communities need to deal with and these activities will bring us together and serve as inspiration to make a difference in their own lives and communities.”

God’s Big Backyard Extravaganza is an effort aimed to inspire people to participate, create and celebrate with others of a like faith with their body, mind, spirit in their own environment and community. Belmont has brought together musicians, performers, merchants and an author for an exciting and festive day of live performances, gospel rappers, jumpers, raffles, music, vending, book signing and more.

Signing his book at the event will be the MG Hardie author of the 5 star book EveryDay Life, which is available online everywhere. “I am glad to be apart of this youth celebration. It is critical for our youth to take active roles in their communities to be aware of their actions.” Other groups of a spiritual or religious nature will also be appearing at the event.

People from all over Los Angeles will be able to participate in this spectacular outdoor event. “We have brought together a wide variety of activities, and although the activities are free there will be plenty of things to buy” said Pastor Bridgette with a smile “It’s going to be a good time.”

Sis. LittleJohn, event organizer, said "Bringing our community together through this type of celebration for our young people is what Belmont is all about.” This event will be held in the church perimeter and its surrounding parking lots. Belmont Baptist church has served the Los Angeles community for 68 years and is now celebrating its 68 Year Anniversary.

About Belmont Baptist: local Bible-based church in Los Angeles, California. Belmont strives to be the Foundation that encourages people of all cultures to change their lives through faith, prayer, and hope. The church is led by the Honorable Pastor Ronald Bridgette, PhD and his Ministerial Staff.

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