SPENDonLIFE.com Offers College Students a $2,000 Blogging Scholarship

SPENDonLIFE.com Offers College Students a $2,000 Blogging Scholarship
Dallas, TX, September 27, 2008 --(PR.com)-- SPENDonLIFE.com is hosting a blogging scholarship competition with the winner being awarded a $2,000 college scholarship. Students are asked to write a blog entry on the significance of credit or complications of identity theft. All articles must be published on the author's blog and submitted before November 1st, 2008.

To qualify, students must be 18 or older, attend classes at an accredited college or university and maintain a blog. Entries must be under 400 words, on topic and include details about how others may participate in this scholarship.

This scholarship is designed to benefit far more people than the scholarship winner. Students who share their stories will inspire other young people to get involved in these important discussions. The ultimate goal is for the writers to build awareness of how each person's credit rating affects them throughout their lives. Bloggers are encouraged to speak freely from personal experiences on any topic related to credit ratings or identity theft, and to thoroughly research their subject to share a more comprehensive understanding with others.

SPENDonLIFE.com is dedicated to educating people about credit and identity theft matters; working with students and teachers to propel this message forward and initiate related conversations between peers. For more information, visit http://students.spendonlife.com/blogging-scholarship.

Keith Lauren