Something Fishy About Comparison Shopping

Unique website offers shopping service to aquarium enthusiasts.

Scarborough, United Kingdom, October 22, 2008 --( Father and son team John and Peter Cunningham have launched a one of a kind website,, which provides aquarists with the opportunity to search and compare thousands of aquarium related products.

The Cunninghams' passion for aquariums began when, as a child, Peter won a goldfish from a local county fair. That small orange creature in a small glass bowl eventually led to tropical fish and marine aquariums. And a frustration with the lack of information and guidance for beginning aquarium hobbyists led to Aquarists Online, John and Peter's comprehensive website for aquarists. Noting the general nature of major comparison shopping websites, John and Peter then created Aqua Compare to address the needs of both aquarists and aquarium store owners.

While there is an abundance of information about aquarium setup and maintenance, those who want to become involved with this hobby may find themselves overwhelmed and confused. John and Peter have shared decades of knowledge and experience to aquarium enthusiasts via the Internet as well as two published books on the subject. They have now taken their desire to help beginners one step further with the creation of AquaCompare.

"A lot of online aquarium stores are all vying for top spot in the search engines and are attempting to draw through advertising and sponsorship," says Peter Cunningham. "Aqua Compare was designed so that everyone has a chance at getting in front of potential purchasers as well as being a site where aquarists can search, browse and find the best deals. Customers can leave feedback about the product as well as the store so that other consumers can read and learn from their experiences."

Anyone who is interested in getting started in the relaxing and enjoyable world of aquariums or even those that decided to dive in long ago will find a wealth of information at and at

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