Transformation Systems, Inc. Celebrates 5 Years in Richmond & Upcoming Book by Founder, Marta C. Wilson, PhD

Transformation Systems, Inc.(TSI) opened its Richmond branch in November 2003, and celebrates five years of work with corporate, government, and non-profit clients in Virginia’s capital. TSI founder, Marta C. Wilson, PhD, has completed a book, Leaders In Motion: Winning the Race for Organizational Health, Wealth, and Creative Power, to be published in March 2009, when TSI will unveil an expanded books program to support leaders intent on success in times of economic upheaval and uncertainty.

Transformation Systems, Inc. Celebrates 5 Years in Richmond & Upcoming Book by Founder, Marta C. Wilson, PhD
Richmond, VA, November 21, 2008 --( In a fast-moving and uncertain business climate, an organization’s survival will be determined by how its leaders move to transform themselves, their teams, and the enterprise itself. Understanding the power of transformation, and how to use it to move an organization forward, is at the heart of the mission of Transformation Systems, Inc.(TSI) and its founder, Marta C. Wilson PhD. November 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of TSI’s presence in Richmond, and also the completion of Dr. Wilson’s latest book, Leaders In Motion: Winning the Race for Organizational Health, Wealth, and Creative Power.

“Relationships are important in every market. In Richmond, they’re critical,” says Dr. Wilson. “Our experience in other markets, particularly in government contracts, has helped us develop those relationships while delivering value and outperforming expectations. That’s helped strengthen our reputation in Richmond, and across our customer base, expanding awareness of and demand for our services.”

Transformational leadership is at the core of TSI’s work with its customers. Leadership in motion is the company’s motto, illustrating the philosophy that organizations can only survive, and thrive, by moving forward, transforming themselves in the process. Since the company was founded by Dr. Wilson in 1994, TSI has helped corporate, government, and non-profit leaders in the US, and globally, manage the ongoing renewal necessary to remain effective and competitive. In the five years since TSI Vice President Trina Willard opened the Richmond office, the firm has helped leaders achieve their goals at a number of companies in Greater Richmond including Capital One, St. Joseph’s Villa, Meals on Wheels, the American Red Cross, the County of Hanover, and the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Dr. Wilson’s new book Leaders in Motion: Winning the Race for Health, Wealth, and Creative Power, slated for publication in March 2009 by TSI’s publishing group, draws on her own transformational journey from a small farm in eastern Tennessee to leadership of a multi-million dollar global enterprise, as well as a series of interviews she conducted with business leaders including James MacDonald, Regional VP of Human Resources at Hilton Hotels Corporation, Robert Sledd, Chairman of Performance Food Group, and Elizabeth Murphy, VP of Professional Services at Datatel. The stories and insights collected in the book illustrate how leaders use personal mastery to guide the continuing renewal of the cultures of their organizations, managing both personal risk and organizational momentum with integrity and authenticity. Dr. Wilson also authored Work Miracles: Transform Yourself, Live A Difference: An Interactive Book, and The Transformation Desktop Guide. In March 2009, TSI will also unveil an expanded books program to support leaders who are intent on success in the midst of economic upheaval and uncertainty.

About Transformation Systems, Inc.
Transformation Systems, Inc.(TSI) is a leadership consulting firm founded in 1994 in Blacksburg, VA by Marta C. Wilson, PhD. TSI helps leaders make decisions, take action, and achieve results by integrating disciplines for successful large-scale change into solutions to complex problems. From its offices in Richmond, Blacksburg, McLean, and Arlington, VA and Atlanta, GA, the TSI team helps clients in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors navigate the path to effective decisions, meaningful actions, and measurable results. TSI has developed the PATH for Leadership, a 4-phase process aimed at clarifying purpose, facilitating alignment, effecting transformation, and monitoring the health of the organization. The company has also created a measurement process that blends scientific research methodology, Logical Framework Analysis, and the Balanced Scorecard model: N.I.M.B.L.E. (Navigate, Include, Magnify, Build, Learn, Evaluate). TSI uses this process to help its clients in the corporate, financial, and non-profit sectors develop meaningful metrics to understand and increase profitability, performance, and competitive advantage.

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