Let the Light Shine Brightly at Your Salon with the System Designed at New York City's Famous Minardi Salon

New York, NY, December 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Internationally recognized salon professionals, Beth and Carmine Minardi, announce the launch of their breakthrough lighting system for beauty salons. The Minardi Color Perfect Lighting System produces the precise quality of light that salon pro’s need to easily create and evaluate designs, their clients expect. The Minardi’s have combined efforts with Eco-Lite Products, one of America’s most innovative and highly respected specialty lighting companies.

“Salon owners invest so much in product purchase, staff education and overhead,” says Carmine Minardi, “but much of that investment is lost when colorists, stylists and dissatisfied clients cannot accurately see what was done to the hair. Often, poor salon lighting causes the problem.”

The new Minardi Color Perfect Lighting System uses three different fixtures that, when used in concert, creates full spectrum lighting, is perfectly balanced and harmoniously blends the warm and cool tones of natural daylight. This remarkable new system is totally eco-friendly, saves the salon money on its electric bills, produces far less heat and dramatically reduces how often light bulbs have to be changed.

“Nothing is more costly than a hair re-do,” adds Beth Minardi. “With our new system you can show off your talent in a whole new light, reduce re-dos and adjustments and make your clients happy. When you can do all that while being environmentally responsible and cost effective, everybody wins,” she concludes.

The Minardi Color Perfect Lighting System includes three different lighting fixtures – ambient, task and mirror. The ambient light is the workhorse of the salon’s environment and spreads an even canopy of bright light while simultaneously showering the salon with a soothing downlight. The system’s task light focuses directly on the client’s head, allows the stylist to evaluate, color and bathe the immediate area with a perfect balance of intensity and brilliance. The final part of the system, the mirror light adds warmth to the room, eliminates circles under the eyes and adds a warm glow and healthy look to the complexion.

“We partnered with Eco-Light Products,” says Carmine Minardi, “because they are one of America’s most innovative and highly respected creators of specialty lighting. They, like we, are committed to excellence in every aspect of what they do.”

For a free salon analysis or for more information call 800-345-9652 or email minardilighting@eco-lite.com or go to www.eco-lite.com.

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Jeff Gasman
Beth & Carmine Minardi