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Involved Records Sign Up for George Roddick

Involved Records, Independent Label for electronic music is proud to anounce the latest signing for a new talented artist.

Guadalajara, Mexico, June 10, 2006 --( On Wednesday, 07, June of 2006, Involved Records, Independent Label for electronic dance music, sign up for George Roddick. Jorge Rodriguez Alcaraz alias George Roddick is originally from Madrid, Spain and still living there. George Roddick start in music with eight years in a private College for music in Spain. He studies in general, Coral and Guitar. With fourteen years he was ready for music. At this young age he started to play with Bands in the Genres of Pop and Rock.

Years after he know one of the Top Producers "Emilio Mercader" and with him he started learning a lot about producing electronic music. In 2002 George Roddick start with his own Tracks and in the year of 2006, Involved Records sign up for him and his brand new Tracks:


Involved Records looks forward to upping the stakes with his tracks and is really exited about George Roddick.

For further informations please contact them under:

or call them under the number below.

In a short time the Tracks from George Roddick are available in all important Distribution websites available as digital download files, or direct in the webshop from Involved Records.

James Lass 
Involved Records

Involved Records
James Lass