The Changing “Face” of Google - More “Talking Head” Videos to Appear on Search Results in 2009

Two hottest trends in online marketing - streaming video and video SEO - will take off in popularity in 2009. According to online marketing studies, Google's universal search algorythms, which allow multimedia to appear in search results along with web page links, will change the look of Google search results. More video links and thumbnail images of video links will be seen on Google because more people are searching for video than website content.

Manhattan Beach, CA, December 30, 2008 --( Throughout 2008, the marketing team at Intelerad, Inc. ( an industry-leading PACS radiology provider for hospitals and medical centers, saw their website’s video gallery of customer testimonials increase in popularity. The gallery, which launches from the home page of the company’s website, started the year with an average of 100 viewers per month. Today, the company’s video gallery generates more than 700 views per month and is the most popular link in the Intelerad website.

But Intelerad customers now sing the company’s praises from a much larger stage - the first page of Google and Yahoo search results. Potential customers who type the keywords “PACS Workstations for Hospitals” in Google’s search field will see something in their organic search results they have not seen before - thumbnail images of Intelerad customers which launch corresponding videos when clicked.

Vmatrix, Inc. ( Intelerad’s video marketing and video SEO partner combined their Vgallery TM and Vsearch TM platforms into one powerful tool that helps customers tell their story with video, both from their website and from the highest possible ranking on Google and Yahoo search results.

“The two hottest trends in online marketing in 2009 will be streaming video and video SEO,” said Gary Gabriel, Founder and CEO of Vmatrix. “Thanks to Google’s new universal search algorithms, if a company has a video streaming from their website it can easily be repurposed to stream from Google search results as well.”

According to the most recent stats from comScore, Inc., more people are watching video online than conducting searches. In October 2008, 12.6 total billion searches were made – as compared to 13.5 billion videos viewed. “Video is now a standard, an expectation.” Says Michael Boland, Senior analyst for the Kelsey Group, who presented this data at the Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference. This trend compliments the findings of a separate survey by PermissionTV, which concluded that 2 out of 3 business owners regard online video as a primary focus of their 2009 digital marketing campaigns – higher than every other category, including social media and search. These two trends, coupled with Google’s recent integration of video thumbnails to general search results, have created a strong argument that companies should produce even more video content in 2009.

“Video is changing the rules of both website marketing and SEO,” said Gabriel. “Because of the spidering nature of Google’s new algorithms, the company that moves quickly to load their website with high quality videos has a chance to dominate their local search marketing efforts and their competitors for months or years to come.”

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