Two Exclusive Bordeaux Confidential Châteaux Wine Tours on the Bkwine Autumn Program 2009 to Counter Recession Blues

Paris, France, February 08, 2009 --( BKWine, the wine tour specialist, has launched two new and exclusive wine tours on the autumn program 2009. Both tours go to the famous French wine region Bordeaux. The tours include private visits and tastings to châteaux and gourmet meals with matching wine and food. They are organised by the female wine writer and journalist Britt Karlsson, founder of BKWine AB.

Full programs:

· 14-18 October, Bordeaux Confidential Châteaux Wine Tour
· 11-15 November, Bordeaux Confidential Châteaux Wine Tour

Britt Karlsson, founder of BKWine, says: “This year it’s been a particular challenge to make a program filled with interesting visits and at the same time keep the price on a reasonable level since 2009 might become a difficult year for travellers and the travel industry. My feeling is that niche travel and trips offering special value and experiences will be in good demand though, as for example our wine and food tours. Already today I know that we have more custom designed private tours this autumn than last year, so it actually looks very positive. When times are tough people seems to want to get something very special out of the precious vacation days – and that’s exactly what we offer.”

The tours extend over three days that are filled with visits to château, in-depth wine tastings and gastronomic meals. The program includes some world famous producers as well as several smaller wineries that are on the forefront of quality and innovation in Bordeaux. Both tours are planned over a long weekend, so travellers can extend the trips to a week if they wish. Travellers arrive in Bordeaux on the Wednesday evening and from then on all is taken care of by BKWine: accommodation; lunches, often as guests at a chateau, with gastronomic food and wine; tastings and meetings with winemakers and owners; expert guiding by a BKWine wine guide; and transport.

Britt explains about the Bordeaux tours: “Bordeaux is the most classic and most famous of all wine regions, so for a wine lover it is a must. But if you want to have a successful visit to Bordeaux you really have to know which chateau to visit. Since I am also a wine journalist I have a lot of contacts with wine producers and I visit 200 wineries each year, so I know exactly which wineries to visit - and it’s usually not the ‘famous names’ that are the best visits. That’s why we call it the ‘Bordeaux Confidential Châteaux Tour’. Many producers are flattered when I contact them for a BKWine visit and open their doors to the wineries and even their homes to us. That’s the kind of unique experi­ence we want to give to our wine loving travellers – some really memorable things to bring home.”

Note: BKWine AB is a tour organiser specialised in wine, food and gastronomic travel. In 2008 BKWine organised some 30 different tours in five countries. BKWine also does custom made events for private groups or companies, as well as educational tours for e.g. restaurant staff or sommeliers.

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BKWine AB was founded in the 90s by Britt Karlsson, a Swede living in Paris. She is one of the few Swedes working internationally with wine education and wine journalism and is also a very experienced organiser of wine tours. She has organised, managed and led several hundred wine tours. Since 1995 she publishes a private newsletter called "VinNytt" with articles on wine. The same year she launched one of the first wine web sites:, which is now bilingual (English-Swedish). She also publishes an email newsletter - the BKWine Brief - which has grown to become one of the most wide-spread on-line newsletters on wine. "The Brief" is available in English and Swedish for free. Britt is completely independent of wine producers and of the wine trade. She is a member of the British Circle of Wine Writers, the International Wine and Food Society and numerous other wine and gastronomic organisations.
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