Niva's Fun Day for Houston's Cuney Homes Kids

Indie R&B artist Niva to put on a free show for Houston's Kids.

Niva's Fun Day for Houston's Cuney Homes Kids
Brooklyn, NY, March 06, 2009 --( The hiphop and r&b artist know as ‘Niva the hiphop soul diva’ will be performing at the Cuney Homes in Houston Texas on March 21st 2009.

The 23 year old indie artist and performer Niva is best known for her videos about female empowerment and determination (I will make it) and female self esteem and self love (Pretty Butterfly).

The event is billed as ‘Niva’s fun day for kids’.

Niva a native of Houston Texas grew up in the cuney homes and feels very excited and motivated to go back and perform for the children.

Niva left Houston and came to New York City to pursue her dream of being a success in the music and entertainment industry. Because of her raw talent, dedication and hard work ethic, things moved very quickly for her. She recently opened a show for Aretha Franklin at the Nokia theater in New York. Even though Niva has not reached all of her goals she still wants to give back.

“The young people down there in Houston don’t have anything, many of them don’t think they can be anything or do anything. When I was younger so many of the other kids in my class did not even care about learning to read”.

Niva went on to talk about the feelings of despair and hopelessness of so many young people in the Houston projects, she related that it is this feeling of hopelessness that drives many to participate in negative self destructive behavior.

Niva said “Once I left Houston and came to New York I was able to see how bad it really is for young people in Houston. Things are bad all over but sometimes when you go to other places and meet politically and socially active people you get a different view of where you came from.” The Niva fun day for kids will be an event for very young kids.

According to Niva. “this will be a free event at no charge; it will be in the cuney homes community center. We are working on getting free food and drinks and gifts for the kids”.

At this time Niva and her management are seeking sponsors for the event.

If any individual or business would like to provide food and or drinks or prizes for the kids please contact Soul Griots Music group at 201 256-5082 or

Niva related that even if she has to buy the food herself she is going to make this happen.

Niva said “our children can’t go to Disneyland or go to concerts the way other kids can go see Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers, they can’t afford Disneyland so we need to bring them some fun into there own backyard”.

All sponsorship help is welcome.

Contact niva through soul Griots music group.

201 256-5082
New Black

New Black
Mr Fred Thompson
718 778-6063
Mr terrance oats
Soul Griots Music group
201 256-5082