Growing Chicago Ad Agency Launches Seriously Cool New Website

Plan B, a full-service advertising and marketing firm based in Chicago, launches their newly redesigned website, showcasing cutting edge technology and innovative design. Plan B "walks the walk" in terms of interactive capabilities.

Chicago, IL, March 24, 2009 --( Plan B site walks its talk, balancing tradition and technology.

The word “breakthrough” gets tossed around awfully casually these days. So rather than indulge in clichés, allow us to cut to the point:

Plan B’s so-new-it-still-squeaks website is really freaking cool.

Nearly a year in the making, the new exemplifies the agency’s approach to advertising; an approach that strikes an ideal balance between advertising tradition and innovative technology in pursuit of solutions that attract customers to brands, rather than endlessly chasing them with perpetually more aggressive—and less effective—messaging.

Toward that end, the site weaves animated multimedia stickiness into an clean and intuitive structure that allows users to easily find the exact content they’re looking for, without being overwhelmed by obtrusive or obnoxious digital trickery.

It’s simple yet compelling, evoking the casually serious atmosphere of the agency’s office space.

“We pride ourselves on being fairly straightforward and easy to work with,” agency partner Ric Van Sickle says. “So we figured, why not make the site a genuine reflection of who we really are, how we think, and how we work?”

The result is a “look under the hood” at Plan B in action, allowing visitors a bird’s eye view of “a day in the life of Plan B,” which plays out as a backdrop while they explore more de rigeur ad agency site content including case studies, the agency portfolio, and client list.

Throw in a collection of animated client case studies and live video chat, and you’ve got a site that represents the digital embodiment of the agency itself—approachable, engaging, innovative, and truly WYSIWYG.

See for yourself. The site went live a few days ago, and while some capabilities like the video chat are still being tested, it’s still worth taking a few minutes to explore. Simply point your browser to

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