Advanced Clustering Technologies Announces New Rack Dense 1U Dual Server Solution, Featuring Intel Xeon 5500® Series Processors

Advanced Clustering announces it's newest product line featuring Intel Xeon 5500® Series Processors and a highly dense 1U dual blade compute node. The combination of both can help increase productivity and reduce overall server rack space used in a high performance cluster.

Advanced Clustering Technologies Announces New Rack Dense 1U Dual Server Solution, Featuring Intel Xeon 5500® Series Processors
Kansas City, KS, March 31, 2009 --( Advanced Clustering Technologies is pleased to announce their newest server model, the Pinnacle 1BX5501. Maximizing density and performance the 1BX5501 offers the ability to have two dual processor servers in 1U of space, and will feature Intel's innovative Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 Series.

“With the ever rising cost of rack real-estate in the HPC space, we saw the need to develop a highly dense and affordable dual 1U server solution” stated Kyle Sheumaker, President of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “We think it will supersede, other 1U dual server models on the market due to it's like blade design. It's the perfect combination of density and compute power for the HPC space.” The 1BX5501 model has two blade units that slide into a simple 1U housing. Each blade unit has its own power supply to prevent needless down time for both servers in the chassis. For ease of use all components may be removed without tools. Each system can also feature optional InfiniBand, multiple hard drive options including SATA, SAS or SSD versions.

Improving upon the Intel ®Xeon® processor 5400 series, Intel has made several radical changes in the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 Series. Each system will see enhanced memory performance due to the elimination of the front side bus architecture, by placing memory controllers on the processor itself. The Intel® QuickPath memory controller technology reduces bottlenecks by allowing processors to directly access its own memory bank, with bandwidth up to 25.6GB/sec. Another architectural change will be the use of DDR3 memory. The use of DDR3 memory will help reduce energy consumption and heat production. The Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 Series can use 800MHz/1033MHz/1333MHz registered and unregistered memory. New to Intel technology is the deployment of Intel® Turbo Boost. technology, which can boost the performance of the processor by increasing its frequency up to 399MHz, when conditions allow.

“HPC customers typically use a variety of applications that can require high memory bandwidth and fast clock speeds provided by the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series,” said Boyd Davis, general manager, Intel Server Platform Group Marketing.

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