Home Tutor Matching Service WyzAnt Provides Part-Time Work Opportunities During Tough Economic Times

Although economic times are difficult, popular online home tutor matching service, WyzAnt, is offering part-time private tutoring employment opportunities for thousands of professionally certified tutors across the United States.

Home Tutor Matching Service WyzAnt Provides Part-Time Work Opportunities During Tough Economic Times
Chicago, IL, April 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Web-based tutoring service company, WyzAnt, recently announced that despite the economic downturn, the company has continued to provide part-time private tutoring opportunities for thousands of qualified, professionally certified tutors across the country. In a time where unemployment is on the rise, people are taking advantage of the abundant part-time tutoring positions available through the popular tutoring service provider.

By using the latest computer technology, WyzAnt is able to efficiently offer its customers direct access to certified tutors at a fraction of the cost of competing companies. WyzAnt offers an array of home tutoring opportunities, including one-on-one personal sessions with a chemistry tutor, physics tutor, and additional tutors specializing in all of the standard academic disciplines. Since 2005, WyzAnt has been expertly matching students with prospective tutors at an affordable price, creating win-win situations for both its customers and tutors. In addition to offering one-on-one tutoring services, WyzAnt also assists enterprises, schools and non-profit organizations to effectively meet their many training and staffing needs.

“We are currently facing one of the most challenging economic times in the history of the United States. At WyzAnt, we are proud to provide part-time employment opportunities to so many deserving professionals across the country,” says Andrew Geant, CEO of WyzAnt.

With a continually growing list of more than 15,000 private tutors nationwide, part-time tutoring employment opportunities at WyzAnt are catching the eye of both job seekers and media alike. The firm was recently featured on Fox News in a local segment that aired in the Chicagoland area in late December 2008. The segment highlighted WyzAnt as offering some of the best part-time jobs in the area.

In fact, tutoring is a promising part-time career choice for professionals in all fields. Even with the current economic downturn, parents are still committed to helping their children advance their education, and are therefore turning to professional tutor matching services, such as WyzAnt, to locate and contract with qualified tutors at a reasonable price. Despite the challenging economy, WyzAnt has quickly grown to serve more than 20,000 customers in more than 2,500 cities across the United States over the last three years.

“Tutoring is an ideal part-time position. It allows for extreme scheduling flexibility. Most importantly, by being able to help others effectively learn, tutoring can also provide a great sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment, which is something we all need during this negative economic time,” says Geant.

About WyzAnt: Online tutor-student matching service, WyzAnt (http://www.wyzant.com), helps parents and students locate qualified, certified in-home tutors at an affordable price. In addition to one-on-one tutoring sessions with a math tutor, physics tutor, chemistry tutor and more, WyzAnt also assists businesses, schools and non-profit organizations to meet their training and staffing needs. The company currently coordinates with more than 15,000 tutors nationwide to offer private home tutor services in all primary academic disciplines for students of all ages, from pre-school to post-graduate level.

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