Janlynn’s Partners with DYO Toys Unleashing Sports Activity Kits

Chicopee, MA, April 19, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Janlynn Corporation and Design Your Own™ Toys announced today their newly formed partnership. Janlynn has licensed all assets of DYO and will manufacture, sell, and distribute DYO products world-wide. DYO’s creative team will continue to develop innovative children’s activity products for Janlynn.

Design Your Own™ products include a line of authentic sports equipment kits for children to personalize and make their own (including Soccer Ball, Basketball, Baseball, Skateboard, etc.). DYO also produces a line of Double Bobble™ Bobble Head kits (including Baseball Player, Soccer Player, Cheerleader, etc.) that can be personalized to your choice of sports team’s colors using the paints included with the kit.

“Janlynn saw how well DYO’s wonderfully designed sports activity kits performed when given a chance at retail. We knew instantly that we wanted to compete in this game with DYO on our team!” stated Andrew Goetsch, CFO at Janlynn, leading all Business Development activities. “We are excited to broaden the reach of these innovative products, which absolutely inspire kids to personalize, use, and enjoy – it is impossible to open up a kit and not want to immediately get into the game!”

“I was instantly drawn to the wealth of resources, depth of enthusiasm and integrity evident at Janlynn.” stated Lewis Rudzki, president of Design Your Own. “With Janlynn’s backing, I am excited to focus DYO’s attention towards designing future innovations that will inspire children to create and play with the next generation of DYO toys.”

To view the line of Design Your Own™ products please visit Janlynn.com … or DYOToys.com.

About Design Your Own™
DYO is a manufacturer of quality children's activity kits combining art and athletics, which allows children to unleash their creativity and individuality while using the product to play in the field or on the court. Whether the theme is school colors or team mascots, friends' names or teammates' signatures, or simply a child's unique design -- personalizing their own equipment will inspire a child's originality, while fostering spirit and commitment. Each DYO sports activity kit contains a real sport item that will be sure to get children excited to paint, practice, and play.

About The Janlynn Corporation
Janlynn is a family-owned manufacturer of children and adult activity kits. For more than 30 years, Janlynn has helped people to unleash their creativity through the wonderfully creative products Janlynn designs, manufactures, and distributes.

Those interested in speaking with management at Janlynn may do so via the below contact:
Andrew Goetsch
Business Development, CFO
The Janlynn Corporation

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