Readings by Jackie Professional Psychic Has Come Up with a Variety of Ways for Readings

She has spent many years reading for her family and friends before taking her gift to a professional level. Now working full time as a professional psychic, published author, radio host, and paranormal investigator, she enjoys her chosen career tremendously.

Readings by Jackie Professional Psychic Has Come Up with a Variety of Ways for Readings
Richmond, VA, May 08, 2009 --( For many years Jackie Tomlin has been reading as a professional psychic under the nickname of Ms Swami. She works for various online psychic services as well as branching out on her own. She has come up with a wide variety of ways to meet her clients needs regarding readings, as well as offering free psychic readings by email for their follow up.

Jackie (Ms Swami) is also the founder of Central VA Psychic Development and Paranormal Research. In addition, she has her own paranormal team known as CVAPI. Jackie carries a strong interest in the paranormal and ghost hunting as well as freelance writing. She has published several articles for The Gypsy Chronicle, and this year has published an article on “What to Look for in a Psychic Reading” in Fate Magazine.

“We live in an age where an individuals time is limited due to work and family commitments.” “Modern technology has allowed me to open up the psychic reading format to different levels to meet everyone’s needs.” “A family friend gave me the nickname of Ms Swami, that is the name everyone knows and trusts, so I stuck with it.”

“All you have to do is put Ms Swami in your search engine, it will take you straight to me.”

“I do offer a free psychic reading by email as a follow up to my paying clients.” “In obtaining readings myself, I have found there is always at least one question you forget to ask.”

Upcoming, in the next thirty days or so, there will be an ebook available on her website regarding the Tarot. She is making this available to her clients as well as her psychic development group.

“The Tarot is not as complex as many people may think.” “I hope to be able to provide a simple instructional guide with many helpful hints.”

Be sure and keep an eye on her website for upcoming local events. Join her and her paranormal team in their chat room.

Readings By Jackie
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