BusinesSuites Rewards Can do Spirit with Can DO Award

Amidst global economic turmoil, BusinesSuites values strategic problem solving, creative solutions and “Can Do” spirit.

Austin, TX, May 22, 2009 --( Last year, hurricanes, power outages and other challenges presented many opportunities for BusinesSuites’ team members to exceed the expectations of their clients and coworkers. From personally delivering mail to clients’ homes to providing clients with office and conference room solutions during Hurricane Ike, 2008 was full of opportunities for team members to help their clients succeed.

For BusinesSuites, provider of executive office spacearound the country and virtual office space servicing clients around the globe, valuing strategic problem solving, creative solutions and a “Can Do” attitude has a strong heritage.

Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of Lady Bird Johnson and President Lyndon Baines Johnson is one of BusinesSuites’ founders and investors.

“Daddy respected people who got things done,” recalls Luci. “He appreciated people who solved problems, created solutions, and overcame obstacles with what he called a ‘can do’ attitude.”

When President and Mrs. Johnson left the White House, this “can do” attitude was so symbolic of them and their way of doing things, that Mrs. Johnson was given a small marble paper weight engraved with the words “CAN DO”. This monument sat at the front of her desk and today, over thirty-five years later, it remains on Mrs. Johnson’s desk at the LBJ Library and Museum in Austin memorializing the Johnsons’ “can do” legacy.

With the approval of Luci Baines Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and the LBJ Library and Museum, BusinesSuites had replicas of this monument made to honor team members recognized as embodying the “can do” spirit. Since 2007, BusinesSuites has annually awarded the “CAN DO” Spirit Award to one center manager and one client service coordinator nominated for solving problems, creating solutions, and overcoming obstacles. Each recipient of this award receives a “CAN DO” monument.

This year, BusinesSuites is proud to present Rebecca Stokes, Client Service Coordinator with the “Can Do” Spirit Award for her outstanding service and commitment to clients and coworkers at BusinesSuites’ Columbia, Maryland executive suites.

For leading with integrity, compassion and dedication while providing her clients with quality Sugar Land Office Space, BusinesSuites is proud to present Yanett Bentley with the Center Manager “Can DO” Spirit Award.

BusinesSuites is also honored to present Ronnie Bulanek, Vice President of Technology, with the Corporate “Can DO” Spirit Award for managing innovative technology supporting clients, guests, and staff in each of BusinesSuites 16 centers nationwide

John Jordan