New Leaf Modifications Reaches a Major Loan Modification Milestone

Roseville, CA, June 01, 2009 --( New Leaf Modifications Inc., a Northern California residential loan modification company, is excited to announce a major milestone. Since the company’s inception, New Leaf Modifications has helped rescued over $80,000,000 million worth of troubled mortgages, keeping families from all over the country in their homes.

A reputable leader in the loan modification business, New Leaf has always kept their clients as the number one priority, a reason for their long and continued success. As many people are now coming to realize, this priority is not shared by most loan modification groups, a fact evidenced by numerous consumer complaints, government legislative intervention, and a serious public distrust for anything to do with the subject matter. Learn more about New Leaf Modifications by visiting their site

What is a loan modification?
Whether you call it a loan modification, mortgage modification, restructuring, or workout plan, it’s when a borrower — who is facing great financial hardship and is having difficulty making their mortgage payments — works with their lender to change the terms of their mortgage loan. The workout plan could result in temporary or permanent changes to the mortgage rate, term and monthly payment of the loan. The plan’s goal is to help the borrower reduce their monthly mortgage payments to 31% of their gross income. Under Obama’s plan, loan modifications will be standardized, with uniform loan modification guidelines used by Fannie and Freddie Mac, and then they will be implemented throughout the entire mortgage industry.

What can New Leaf do for you?
New Leaf’s loss mitigation attorneys have extensive experience with working with every major bank in the country. Their attorney network’s level of outstanding achievement within the banking industry is second to none. Each and every Loss Mitigation Specialist is trained on the cutting edge of all industry standards and is committed to helping you remain in your home.

Their loan modification process employs trained Mortgage Modification Specialists, Debt Advisors, Commercial Bankers, and Attorneys who work in unity to help you avoid foreclosure and protect your family’s home. With the highest success rate in the nation, they guarantee your personal satisfaction.

At New Leaf Modifications, their policy is to exhaust every loss mitigation technique until they find a solution to keep you in your home. Contact them now - there is no obligation. It may be the most important call you ever make.

New Leaf Modifications
John Belmont