Visix Launches New Web Site

Atlanta, GA, June 02, 2009 --( The newly redesigned Visix web site goes live today on the World Wide Web. Visix aims to help organizations more effectively deliver visual communications, and the web site supports that goal by expanding and deepening the content offered to visitors considering digital signage purchases. The new web site stresses unified communications, incorporating more information relevant to communicators before, during and after the purchase process. The redesign incorporates a technical theme, bold colors and graphics, and completely new navigational tools.

“Visitors to our web site will experience a much better presentation of the Visix story,” says Sean Matthews, Visix President. “The new design presents our products and services more dynamically, and incorporates subject matter outside of typical marketing copy – information we think our customers can use to make better decisions. Subjects like alert communications, green considerations, return on investment and system planning are included to give visitors more to think about than just technical specifications. We’re really focused on communications solutions, versus just technology sales.”

Better Content, Easily Accessed
The new site is designed to provide fast, intuitive access to a large amount of information. An improved site-wide search engine and a site map have been created to aid visitors who are unsure exactly where to look for specific topics. Video presenters are used on the home page and products index to give visitors an overview of the Visix offering.

Products pages have been retooled to offer more information about Visix technologies, with software video tours, updated specifications and graphics, and quick links to related topics, contact forms and brochures.

The Solutions section has been expanded to give practical advice about using Visix technologies for unified communications and alert notices, as well as information regarding green considerations, return on investment, essential questions and answers, and a buyer’s guide.

Markets presents a host of informative case studies from Visix clients in a variety of markets, providing real-life application stories for visitors considering Visix technologies for their organization.

Services and Support pages offer more concise information presentation and technical support options.

The Company section has been expanded to include more in-depth information about the company, its management team, social responsibility principles, awards, news and events, as well as job listings and newsletter archives.

Partners pages advertise Visix business, technology and reseller partners, with a partner portal accessible within the site using personalized login credentials.

Design Team
The Visix web team, led by Deborah Wilson-DeWitt, has been developing the new site over the past three months, working with staff across the company to simplify and strengthen the web content. Pickle Creative, in Prague, Czech Republic, provided web design and coding services.

“We redesigned the site to better serve both potential clients and existing customers,” says Deborah Wilson-DeWitt, Marketing Communications Manager for Visix. "User experience is paramount, so the content and navigation have been streamlined to give visitors a lot of information without taking up a lot of their time. Employing more dynamic tools like animated graphics, video demos and video presenters makes the experience more enjoyable for viewers than reading lengthy pages of text. We are, after all, in the business of visual communication.”

The new design includes a scrolling news ticker and What's New section that will be updated regularly.

Access the new web site at

About Visix
Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of software applications that allow users to create, import and manage their visual communications from anywhere and to deliver those messages to virtually any endpoint.

The company offers digital signage software, room and event scheduling solutions, and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and portable devices. Each of the products works independently or can be integrated into scalable deployments from a single display to large networks. This comprehensive approach to on-time communications – from concept to delivery – provides systems including software, hardware and distribution accessories, as well as multi-tier service and support options to manage and maintain dynamic visual communications.

Contact Visix at 800.572.4935 or Parties interested in additional information about Visix, AxisTV, MeetingMinder™, and targeted visual communications products should visit the Visix website at

Visix, Inc.
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