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Herefordshire, United Kingdom, July 01, 2009 --( Capital-starved entrepreneurs can now overcome the reluctance of banks to lend in the recession by attracting patient, risk capital from seasoned and wealthy entrepreneurs. Growthwire fills the information gap between capital-starved early-stage companies and the successful entrepreneurs and funds who want to invest in them. Growthwire, described by the BBC as “…the Dow Jones for entrepreneurs…,” continues to extend its reach as a growing number of business and investment websites add the Growthwire ticker-tape, presenting early-stage capital raising deals from around the world, to their content. Now, a year after Growthwire began its global roll-out Australia’s leading national newspaper, The Australian, is the latest to include the Growthwire ticker on its business website, taking exposure for deals posted to the newswire to over one million potential investors every month.

Risk-inclined experienced entrepreneurs, usually with at least one successful business behind them, regard a recession as a time to invest in long-term growth opportunities. Growthwire provides a rich source of deals for them as well as private equity, venture capital and alternative investment funds and wealth managers. Early-stage investment deals are currently posted to Growthwire from, among others Australia, China, South America, UK, USA, eastern and western Europe with deal values ranging between 50,000 and 50m across all major currencies and across all markets. As Growthwire is domiciled in the UK, all investors must self-certify as ‘high net worth individuals’ or ‘sophisticated investors’ in accordance with the UKs FSMA2000 (Financial Promotion Orders 2001) Amendments 2005, which is included in the registration process.

The Australian is published by Nationwide News, the Australian publishing division of News International. Growthwire has been built and developed in the UK by Growth Markets Services Ltd. Further background on the global direct early-stage investment market, is provided in Growthwire’s free White Paper.

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