New Blog Article: "Distressed Print Publications Making Mistakes"

International publishing consultant William Dunkerley discusses print and online publishing strategy.

New Britain, CT, July 15, 2009 --( Distressed print publications are making a stategic error by simply moving online to save on costs, according to William Dunkerley, an international publishing consultant based in New Britain, CT.

According to Dunkerley, the publications that are now in the deepest financial trouble aren't there just because of today's unfavorable economic conditions. He says that many were operating with dysfunctional business models that ill-positioned them to survive tough times.

Just moving those publications from print to online will save on expenses, but it won't save the publications themselves, says Dunkerley. He's issued a warning on the website of his firm, William Dunkerley Publishing Consultants. His missive is headlined, "Distressed Print Publications Making Mistakes." (

Dunkerley reflects on past economic downturns and how publishers have dealt with them. The financial crunches forced many publishers to do some hard thinking about how they had been operating and to formulate new strategies that would be more productive.

This time around, however, Dunkerley observes that instead of doing that tough introspective analysis of their businesses, many publishers are going for the quick fix of cutting paper, printing, and distribution expense by going exclusively online.

For a lot of the print-only publications, developing an effective online strategy has been long overdue. But basically moving a troubled publication from print to online isn't going to resolve the underlying problems.

"An economic downturn is a worderful time to fix longstanding flaws in your business model," advises Dunkerley. He adds that solid, sustainable results from a publishing operation can be best achieved by using a sound, synergistic business model. Adopting one now will help publishers get through today's challenges, and emerge ready to attain greater levels of success when the economy rebounds.

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Meredith Dias, Research Editor