Media Analyst Pinpoints Problems with Russian Sell-Off of State Media Holdings

Announcing publication of a timely analysis of Russia's plans to divest the state of its assorted media properties. - January 20, 2011

New Article: Digital Readers and Circulation Audits

Publishing consultant William Dunkerley discusses digital magazine editions and circulation audits. - June 09, 2010

New Article: Staging a Magazine Comeback

Publishing consultant William Dunkerley discusses strategies for leading a publication out of the recession. - February 28, 2010

New Article: Publication Dysfunction

Announcing the publication of a new blog article about dysfunctional publication strategy by publishing consultant William Dunkerley. - February 21, 2010

New Article: How to Collect Advertising Money That's Owed

In a new Q&A article, publishing consultant William Dunkerley tackles the issue of collecting overdue payments from advertisers. - December 20, 2009

Media Analyst William Dunkerley Analyzes Russian Media Market

Announcing the publication of a new editorial by media business analyst William Dunkerley in the November 23, 2009, Moscow Times. - December 04, 2009

New Blog Article: Magazine Publishers Can Provide Economic Stimulus

Announcing the publication of a new blog article on the William Dunkerley Publishing Consultants Blog on how publishers can be an economic stimulus. - September 30, 2009

New Article: Self-Publish a Magazine

Announcing the publication of a new website article, "Self-Publish a Magazine", on - September 27, 2009

New Article: Business Plans for Magazine Publishers

Announcing the publication of a new website article, "Business Plans," which offers advice to start-up magazine publishers about the planning process. - September 23, 2009

Help Available for Publishers Hard Hit by Recession

Publishing consultant William Dunkerley is offering a limited amount of pro bono help to publishers. - August 06, 2009

Russian Newspaper Analysis of American Attitudes

Media business consultant William Dunkerley's June 2009 article in the Moscow Times regarding American attitudes toward Russia. - July 20, 2009

New Blog Article: "Distressed Print Publications Making Mistakes"

International publishing consultant William Dunkerley discusses print and online publishing strategy. - July 15, 2009

Website Relaunch:

Announcing the relaunch of, a free resource for aspiring publishers and publishing professionals alike. - June 19, 2009

New Report Released: The Russian Media Market

Announcing the release of "The Russian Media Market," a report by media analyst William Dunkerley that discusses the risks and opportunities of Russia's print publishing market. - May 24, 2009

New Op-Ed and Chart: American Attitudes Toward Russia

Announcing the publication of an op-ed article and chart chronicling American attitudes toward Russia since the 1990s. - April 17, 2009

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