SmoothnSilky Heals Cracked Heels and Feet in Africa

SmoothnSilky Heals Cracked Heels and Feet in Africa
Boca Raton, FL, July 17, 2009 --( SmoothnSilky, the dry skin cream at, was sent to Senegal, Africa as part of a medical mission trip, and given to many of the women who suffer from dry feet and cracked heels. Since shoes are often a luxury in that area, dry feet, calluses, and rough cracked heels are a significant problem. The results were excellent, and the women expressed their gratitude with smiles that could light up a moonless night.

"My daughter was going on a medical mission trip to Africa, and I saw this as an opportunity to put SmoothnSilky to an amazing challenge. I loaded her up with as many jars as she could fit in her luggage and she gave them to the women who visited the mobile clinics they set up in the villages." Michael Dugan, President of Redu, Inc., explained. "We have posted photos on the website because the smiles on these women after using SmoothnSilky will warm your heart."

SmoothnSilky, at, is formulated to heal dry skin whether it is on the hands, elbows, knees, or feet. The combination of aloe vera, collagen, elastin, and humectants is designed to quickly rush needed moisture and hydration to skin cells. Since the women in Africa often go barefoot and have dry, tough, thick calluses on their feet, using this dry skin formula to help soften and heal their cracked heels and skin proved to be a real torture test.

"I did not know how the women in Africa would react to SmoothnSilky because they need their feet to be somewhat tough; however, many have cracked heels, cracks between their toes, and dry skin that can cause pain and irritation.", Dugan stated. "They welcomed the SmoothnSilky when my daughter offered it to them, and the very next day, they told her how thankful they were because it made their feet and cracked heels feel much better."

"It is always nice to donate a good product to people who really need it. I am proud of my daughter for taking SmoothnSilky on her mission trip, and I am very pleased that we were able to give some relief and get some real product experience under some of the most harsh circumstances.", Michael Dugan said. "If SmoothnSilky can help heal dry skin and cracked heels on the feet of the women in Africa, I am very confident it can make the toughest dry skin soft, smooth and silky anywhere else."

For additional information on Redu, Inc., and SmoothnSilky contact, Michael Dugan, or visit: . Redu, Inc. is a research and development company created to seek, identify, and market high quality skin care products for men and women. It specializes in health and skin care products that specifically address difficult or unique challenges. SmoothnSilky is the first women's product introduced by Redu, Inc., and it is so good at healing and preventing dry skin that Redu, Inc., has already exceeded its sales goals for the product introduction.

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