Life Link International Announces Its Release of “The SAFE” – the Most Comprehensive USB Data Storage System with Software Designed to Protect Your Life in One Hand

More than a just another data storage device, “The SAFE” is a USB drive unlike any other on the market today. Sturdy, stylish and very secure this USB pocket safe comes with a proprietary built-in software program so complete it eliminates the hard work of organizing and protecting personal data.

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2009 --( Today we are bombarded with all types of USB drives. So really what does differentiate one flash drive from another?

It begins with “The SAFE” developed by Life Link International, LLC to alleviate catastrophic loss of important information and the time-consuming drudgery of putting one’s life affairs in order. Users will be astounded with the extensive multiple functions found within The SAFE.

But what really separates The SAFE from all other USB drives begins with the 40+ pre-loaded formatted forms with easy to type-in fields. Each page helps the user decide what to save and where to save it. The pages can be quickly accessed through indexed sections that directly link the user to specific areas of interest: Personal/ Family Information, Emergency Personal/ Medical Information, Financial Information, Photographs, Personal Papers and Miscellaneous Information. All forms can be easily modified, deleted or updated; lists, and photographs are automatically alphabetized or placed in numeric order; designated space is provided for uploading/ downloading photographs, hundreds of important documents and papers requiring safekeeping.

Encrypted to ensure user privacy, The SAFE includes anti-intrusion safeguards and is superior to most USB products that are nothing more than blank space with a password. This system runs on any PC that has Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista or Microsoft 7 is not dependent upon any dedicated server or other storage solutions to maintain its integrity.

Life Link International does not keep records of passwords nor is able to access your information stored on The SAFE. There are no annual fees or special software required, nor memberships to join and most importantly this private USB safe cannot be accessed through the internet. There are services that store your personal data on servers along with hundreds or even thousands of other users making your personal information vulnerable to hackers and thieves. With The SAFE the user is in complete control.

Weighing less than an ounce, The SAFE is designed to be easily stored or carried, making it the lightest most secured portable file cabinet ever. All the user has to do is plug in The Safe, type, save, grab ‘n go. Your life is protected in one hand.

For more information about The SAFE, please visit: or contact Suzi Bruno at PRIME L.A.; 323.962.9207.

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