New Tech Enables People to Say Emails

Los Angeles, CA, October 02, 2009 --( New web based technology enables people to say their email message and send it to the email recipient using their current email provider. Email senders don't have to change their email address to say emails and email recipients don't need to have an account with the new web based system to hear their

Internet users don't need to type emails any more if they don't want to. They can just say the email using a microphone, get a secure link and paste it where they usually type their message. When email recipients click on the link sent to them they are able to hear their audio email using the default media player of their computer. Users of the program don't have to download and install any software on their computer to say emails.

The creator of the system introduces himself as "The Internet Genius" a.k.a Minas. He says that he wants to help everyone improve their lives and live better by helping them save plenty of time and effort from not typing emails, but just saying them. He thinks that this will help especially business owners when they need more time to work better in the economical crisis times we all live in.

Anyone can use the program free for one month at:

Email senders can also know when their email has been heard without the email recipient sending them a receipt back.

The 27 year old founder of 21st Century Internet Tech a Nevada Limited Liability Company says that this way of composing emails is an evolved and brilliant way to do so and that everyone should try it and see this by themselves.

21st Century Internet Tech, LLC
Minas Nayev
(323) 786-0506