T2P Issues New Guides for Human Factors in Operational Risk Management

Free Reality-Based Guides from the Truth to Power (T2P) information governance research community provide savvy, sensible advice on social engineering, technical networking, and decision analysis.

T2P Issues New Guides for Human Factors in Operational Risk Management
Seattle, WA, October 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- People, processes, and products are often cited as the critical "Three Ps" of organizational compliance and risk management. But while processes and products are widely and intensively managed, people---the human factors of operational risk---are often left to manage for themselves.

With its new series of free "Reality-Based Guides," the Truth to Power (T2P) information governance research community addresses this guidance gap, providing accessible and achievable advice for better managerial actions, human interactions, and individual risk responses. Reality-Based Guides are being developed as an expanding series of analytical publications, beginning with:

- How to Clarify Complex Decisions: an overview of multifactor decision-making methodology, practical tips on avoiding pitfalls in decision-making projects, and tactics for responding to no-win decision scenarios
- How to Get More out of Technical Conferences: an experience based guide to preparing for conferences, documenting learning opportunities, networking, and proving the value of your attendance to managers.
- How to Thwart a Social Engineering Exploit: step-by-step instructions for hardening yourself against social manipulation; plus, the three most powerful social engineering "hacks" and how to defend against them.

"Reality-Based Guides are written for people first, companies second," says Cass Brewer, founder of Truth to Power. "Some of the most persistent information governance challenges persist because, even when companies have good policies and training programs, employees need more specific, accessible guidance on how to turn best practice into personal practices."

The first three Reality-Based Guides are currently available for free, immediate download at http://www.t2pa.com/rbgs

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T2P Reality-Based Guides embody Truth to Power's mission to build a common platform of professional knowledge, research, tools, and advice for business information governance, risk management, and compliance.

By approaching practices such as compliance, data management, e-discovery, project management, and performance management in terms of process and information governance, T2P helps organizational leaders find the commonalities and optimization opportunities that span conventional business practices and operational roles.

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* The Control & Risk Calculator: an interactive tool for assessing the effectiveness of internal controls and prioritizing IT investments. http://www.t2pa.com/crc

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All T2P resources are free, many are collaborative, and each is vetted against hype and bias.

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