Innovations Spotlights: InfoCom Says E-Health Solutions Go Beyond Basic Assistance

Mobile carriers are the major players in the e-health industry - Interoperability still a challenge - Increased health awareness through the use of SMS reminders and Internet portals.

Stuttgart, Germany, November 27, 2009 --( According to InfoCom latest release, mobile carriers are the most active players in the provision of e-health solutions. This market is indeed led by Orange, Movistar and Vodafone, as the most innovative players in introducing new solutions that go beyond basic health assistance. The French mobile carrier Orange, for instance, has its own healthcare division, which facilitates solutions for hospitals, physicians as well as patients; while Movistar is very active in Spain in introducing such applications, which can be combined with its mobile services. Vodafone as well has introduced a wide range of offers in several countries, ranging from service hotlines to devices measuring blood glucose levels for diabetes patients.

E-health solutions are mostly offered on a domestic scale as majority of these applications are provided in partnership with domestic health associations, for instance in Portugal with the local Ministry of Health, in Spain with the country Spanish unit of the Red Cross. Only Vodafone has started to introduce a diabetes measuring device both in Spain and in the UK.

At the moment, carriers’ business models focus on stand-alone services with monthly subscription ranging from €1.90 with NTT Japan’s Online portal for healthcare management, to €59 with Orange France’s GPS wristband for Alzheimer patients. In some cases, e-health services are offered as add-ons to current mobile services, for instance available as downloads for the mobile device and charged though an activation fee.

While senior citizens, together with handicapped and people with chronic diseases, are the main target segments of e-Health solutions addressing the private market, B2B e-health applications increasingly address public institutions, such as government entities and health agencies as well as hospitals and physicians.

This Innovations Spotlights by InfoCom also includes:
- Most popular telemonitoring services.
- Emergency/locating services and offers for handicapped persons.
- Offers of location-based services.
- Spreading reminder services and information portals.

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