Spain Leads in Fibre Broadband Among the EU5 Markets

As per InfoCom’s TELESEEQ Dataroom service, Spain recorded the highest fibre broadband share among the five largest markets in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). - July 10, 2016

InfoCom Illustrates How Some Carriers Managed to Mitigate Fixed Voice Erosion in Western Europe

Bundling and flat rate offers generated some positive effects on fixed voice traffic — Enforced regulators’ policies on lower fixed and mobile termination rates playing a role in offsetting fixed traffic downtrend. - July 10, 2014

Infocom Shows How the Colombian National ICT Plans Will Drive Services from Stratification to Mass Adoption

Colombian telecoms industry driven largely by government initiatives — Wide gap between rich and poor persists despite Colombia’s upper middle income status — New entrants and new regulations in the market expected to intensify competition. - July 06, 2014

InfoCom Illustrates How Security Issues, Multi-Screen Access and Proliferation of Enterprise Cloud Apps Fuel Demand for Single Sign on (SSO) in the Cloud

A SSO solution may reduce IT time and costs — Most cloud SSO providers offer authentication services as part of a solution, not as a standalone offer — Competition intensifies in the SSO niche. - July 02, 2014

InfoCom Illustrates Advantages of SIP Trunking Replacing ISDN

Through granularity, flexibility and centralisation, SIP trunking allows cost savings; Gradual switch-off of ISDN networks to add to current drivers; Advantages in SIP-based Unified Communications. - June 27, 2014

InfoCom Expects Hybrid vs Cloud IAM Deployments to Still be Prevalent Over the Next Coming Years

Clear customer’s tendency to choose hybrid deployments of Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions; Key offer elements are interface ease-of-use, flexibility and granularity of the different options; Verticals as healthcare, banking, insurance and utility services represent strong potential markets. - June 26, 2014

InfoCom Unveils Own IP Routing as Strongest Driver for L2 Ethernet VPN Across All Markets

Data privacy and security as main customers’ concerns — Transparency and flexibility to manage multiple VLANs also seen as significant advantages — Demand driven by companies in media, financial and public sectors, in particular large financial institutions. - October 24, 2012

InfoCom Foresees Migration Effect in Providers’ Cloud Service Revenue-Mix to 2017

Cloud services increasingly seen as effective portfolio diversifiers — IaaS as the cloud service that best complements current offers — Cloud services to contribute to competitive strength thanks to the strategically important benefits provided to enterprise customers. - September 26, 2012

InfoCom Updates OTT Threat Rating and Says That Carriers Can Turn OTT Content Into an Opportunity

OTT content challenges the traditional model of delivering TV-based content — Network providers may benefit from an opportunity gap — Monetising on the access highway likely be the future business model. - March 09, 2012

InfoCom Uncovers Data-Only MVNOs Strategies, Which Use Mobile Broadband to Add Value

Mobile connectivity added to products or services to increase value — Players adopt full MVNO approach and customised tariffs — Mobile broadband also used to defend a competitive advantage. - December 22, 2011

InfoCom Reveals That the Enterprise Telephony Market Has Fairly Consolidated Vendors’ Position But is Quite Crowded

Enterprise telephony is mostly a replacement market; Historical vendors hold well defended market positions; In many countries local champions play a significant role; Microsoft seen as a future, potential player. - November 10, 2011

InfoCom Says Innovative E-Health in the Cloud Targets the B2B Market

Innovative e-health brings solutions in the cloud — E-health in the cloud actually pushed by IT companies and service providers — Business models largely remain within B2B ecosystem. - October 26, 2011

InfoCom Says Brazil Propels Vivendi and America Movil Up the Top-10 VoIP Ranking

NTT by far World’s largest VoIP provider — America Movil and Vivendi pushed by Latin American operations — Product bundling and company acquisitions solidified positions. - October 21, 2011

InfoCom Says Global Top-10 Paid-for TV Groups Secure Ranks Despite Decreasing Subscribers

US DirectTV still world's largest provider - Carriers experiencing decreasing subscriber base in mature markets - Indian Essel and MII China encounter strong growth - Top-3 groups to retain leadership in the next years. - September 14, 2011

InfoCom Says Mobile Operators in the Philippines Continue to Drop Rates to Allure Customers to Migrate to Postpaid

In 2016, mobile base in the country to reach over 100% penetration — Price-sensitive Philippine mobile market expected to remain mostly prepaid — Smart Communications continue to lead the mobile market. - June 25, 2011

InfoCom Says Satellite TV to Overtake CaTV by 2015 in Western Europe – Cord-Cutting No Longer Impossible Scenario

By 2015, satellite TV will overtake CaTV in terms of TV households - IPTV expected to grow 10% a year - Changing the TV viewing landscape with the emergence of connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) content - For the first time, cord-cutting is no longer an impossible scenario. - May 21, 2011

InfoCom Says Users in Thailand Gear Up for Fixed and Mobile Broadband

Taiwan mobile non-voice revenues make already more than 25% of total mobile revenues — Mobile carriers concentrate efforts to increase data usage — Mobile apps widely available for all mobile platforms — Promotions and offers also targeting prepaid segment — to 2015, fixed broadband base expected to increase at an average of 9% a year. - March 03, 2011

InfoCom Says M2M Has High Growth Potential in Various Market Segments Worldwide

M2M is a fast growing and increasingly strategically important market - Most active players are large network operators, especially mobile ones - Development partnerships and cooperation crucial to exchange know-how - Active players include M2M vendors, software providers and resellers, but also a wide variety of different kind of players. - January 27, 2011

InfoCom Says Satellite and Cable Dominate the Market for Paid-for TV Subscriptions

Top-10 group paid-for TV subscriptions at 145 million — US-based DirecTV largest provider — News Corporation could become number three with BSkyB — Satellite TV still most popular platform — IPTV not yet significant. - January 07, 2011

Infoom Says Dark Fibre Market in Germany Increasingly a Niche Market

German dark fibre market rather small and fragmented — Dark Fibre generally provided on demand — Suppliers apply variegated price strategies. - December 10, 2010

InfoCom Says E-Health in Europe Already a Multi-Billion Market

E-health to grow significantly in the coming years — Available e-health solutions are tele-monitoring or services for disabled people — Mobile network operators offer most of available services. - November 25, 2010

InfoCom Report Reveals FTTH is Still Looking for a Strong Business Case in Europe

High CAPEX major deterrent for telecom carriers in Europe - FTTH not a “one-size-fits-all” model - Integrated facility-based against open access - Regulation plays decisive role in most markets. - November 24, 2010

InfoCom Says Asian Carriers Will Need to Improve Their Broadband Service Level

Investors face service unavailability and dissimilar price schemes - High costs for business broadband - Subscribers charged with additional one-time fees - SDSL and VDSL scarcely available. - October 10, 2010

InfoCom Says in Argentina Broadband Growing Most Through 2015

Argentinean telecoms expected to grow at 4% a year to 2015 — DSL to remain the dominant broadband technology — Mobile market shrinking — ARPU in fixed line to peak in 2010 - September 18, 2010

InfoCom Says Mobile Music Service is Going Towards the Mobile Music Experience

Mobile music increasingly bundled with other broadband applications — Clear trend towards a subscription model — Cooperation of record labels to offer DRM-free songs drives users’ interest. - May 16, 2010

InfoCom Says Mobile Voice Shows First Signs of Stagnation

Mobile voice traffic volume in Western Europe growing slower — Introduction of wireless IP technologies and mobile VoIP — Changing market dynamics will need new carriers’ strategies. - May 15, 2010

InfoCom Says Carrier Ethernet Has a Bright Future Despite Some Initial Hurdles

Clear trend towards EoMPLS - Offer review reveals EoMPLS is the Carrier Ethernet preferred solution - with Carrier Ethernet based on EoMPLS, customers may burst traffic above committed rate. - April 29, 2010

Infocom Says Market for Age Verification Systems in Germany Has Little Potential to Grow

Market for age verification systems (AVS) in Germany has only little potential to grow. AVS for video usage and gaming show largest growth potentials and will increase their share within the next years — Regulation plays a crucial role. - April 23, 2010

InfoCom Launches Series FTTx 2010

Service providers enhance teleconferencing offers and IP-VPN portfolio — Video conferencing moves to 3D and HD with 3D Hologram communications and HD Video — Vodafone and Microsoft partner to combine Microsoft Online Services with voice and data services. - February 05, 2010

InfoCom Says Active Mobile Software Update Management Help Mobile Carriers Generate Revenues

Vendors reluctant to promote firmware upgrade in place of investing in new devices – Longer mobile phone replacement cycles to drive update development. - December 19, 2009

InfoCom Says IPTV Developing Through Premium Content Rather Then New Features

IPTV providers focused on premium content — Multiplay bundling standard in mature TV markets — Public sectors as healthcare and education emerge as new markets — Business models are still evolving. - December 19, 2009

InfoCom Says 3G User’s Base Growing at Last

The number of 3G users in most developed markets nearly doubled to 303m — Japan and South Korea leaders in mobile services — Competition, network coverage, choice of devices future 3G success factors. - December 12, 2009

Innovations Spotlights: InfoCom Says E-Health Solutions Go Beyond Basic Assistance

Mobile carriers are the major players in the e-health industry - Interoperability still a challenge - Increased health awareness through the use of SMS reminders and Internet portals. - November 27, 2009

Infocom Says Business Communications Services Bring Forth Virtual Meetings

Service providers enhance teleconferencing offers and IP-VPN portfolio - Video conferencing moves to 3D and HD with 3D Hologram communications and HD Video - Vodafone and Microsoft partner to combine Microsoft Online Services with voice and data services. - November 11, 2009

InfoCom Says Indian Mobile Market Growing at Last

India’s mobile subscriptions to reach 662m in 2014 -Prepaid subscriptions to remain plan-of-choice for most subscribers - Mobile operators looking at mobile TV, mobile payment and mobile shopping. - October 02, 2009

InfoCom Says Mobile and Broadband Main Drivers of Brazilian Market Until 2014

Telecom spending in Brazil to rise to €35.6bn in 2014 - Mobile and broadband main drivers - Broadband Internet spreading but quality is an issue - Fixed telephony penetration to decline - September 26, 2009

InfoCom: Mobile TV Users Continue to Grow But There is Still No Proven Business Model so Far

Number of mobile TV users continues to grow - No proven business model so far - Subscription-based is dominant, but free-to-air services are also offered - On-going battle on standards. - September 05, 2009

InfoCom Says Mobile Broadband Showing Uptake in EU Region

More than 122m broadband connections in the EU-25 - Prices and access speeds improved significantly - xDSL still dominant broadband technology - Mobile broadband doubled subscription base to 12.6m. - August 12, 2009

InfoCom: How IP Multimedia Subsystem IMS Can Help Operators to Innovate

InfoCom has more and more investigated the market for IMS, (IP Multimedia Subsystem), and in particular, how IMS can help operators and carriers to innovate their product portfolio. InfoCom has been looking at which operators are implementing which IMS and, in particular, at drivers and obstacles... - July 16, 2009

Mobile Market in China

InfoCom says China Telecom’s entry and new 3G licenses will drive growth - July 09, 2009

InfoCom Says Mobile Music Still in Its Infancy

InfoCom says mobile music still in its infancy - First moves from simple content consumption to a richer mobile music experience. - June 10, 2009

InfoCom Says IPTV Players See New Business Opportunities in the Business Market

Business market — Tourism and Health Care addressed as new market segments. - May 13, 2009

IPTV is Inching Its Way Through Pay-TV Markets, Becoming Increasingly Popular — But Not Everyone is Successful

IPTV has been making its way through the pay-TV market with an increasing popularity in countries that generally have a large broadband subscriber base. - December 12, 2008

TS&T® - InfoCom Adds VoIP, Content and TV to Its Topics - Clients Can Keep Abreast with Latest Trends

InfoCom has enhanced the content of its strategic e-magazine with two new sections — Broadband, Internet and VoIP; and Content & TV. - November 15, 2008

Datacommunication Peer Markets in Western Europe - Scenarios Up to 2013 - InfoCom’s Latest Report

InfoCom released the newest version of its report “Datacommunication Peer Markets in Western Europe - Scenarios up to 2013,” providing detailed overall datacom market data broken down into six individual market segments. - October 22, 2008

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