InfoCom Says IPTV Developing Through Premium Content Rather Then New Features

IPTV providers focused on premium content — Multiplay bundling standard in mature TV markets — Public sectors as healthcare and education emerge as new markets — Business models are still evolving.

Stuttgart, Germany, December 19, 2009 --( ccording to InfoCom latest study “IPTV — Operator Strategies and Trends — Maximising the value of IPTV”, a set of basic features are already widely available within most IPTV offers in many developed TV markets worldwide. Features such as EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), Video-on-demand (VoD), DVR/PVR and Information Services are now included in entry-level IPTV service offers. Access to most of these basic services is free-of-charge, although VoD (Video-on-Demand) content and text messaging are often charged extra. An InfoCom’s Analyst based in Stuttgart commented “Unlike in Western Europe, in North America, also other interesting features such as emailing and Caller-ID functions are increasingly integrated into the standard available features”. Other functions, such as Telemarketer Call screening and Caller Log (call history display), are offered only by a few carriers.

“Though, the most advanced and innovative functionalities are available in Asia” another InfoCom Analyst based in Manila added, “where carriers are pioneering several interesting applications, which are marketed in bundles within their IPTV offer”. The Korean incumbent KT and Hong Kong-based HKBN offer, for instance, e-learning with tutorial on English language. The Japanese giant NTT offers karaoke entertainment, which is commonly accessible via switching to a specific channel; and online gaming whereby players have the possibility to play with other users online.

At the moment, multiplay bundling provides the necessary pricing flexibility to successfully market the service in most markets, as, in most cases, customers are required to have a broadband connection to avail this offer. Some operators are offering also VoIP instead of traditional fixed telephony in their triple play bundles: the implementation of this service provide the carriers with greater bundle pricing flexibility as the provision of this service does not cost as much as traditional fixed voice.

Some public sectors, such as healthcare and education, emerge as new interesting markets and are increasingly interested in the potentials of IPTV. Hospitals, clinics as well as retirement facilities are interested, for instance, in offering TV content on general health themes and particularly on nutrition; as well as about possibilities offered for real-time in-home video and audio consultations. Educational institutions, such as schools and universities are interested in the potential of remote tuitions.

InfoCom study “IPTV — Operator Strategies and Trends — Maximising value of IPTV”, looks also into most interesting business models — highlighting the role of all players involved in the value chain, and illustrates the still evolving scenarios in each market environment.

About IPTV — Operator Strategies and Trends — Maximising the value of IPTV: This report provides a global overview of IPTV development and extrapolates compelling market dynamics in all relevant countries, from highly developed to emerging markets where IPTV services are only about of being introduced. In each country, we examine the content and pricing of IPTV offerings and put them in relation to the competitive environment against alternative pay-TV market offerings. We looked into the most interesting business models, highlighting the role of all players involved in the value chain. Concise yet very detailed, this report covers present available applications, most innovative trends, interesting most recent happenings, and forward-looking insights over which kind of features are more likely to bring new revenue streams.

About InfoCom: InfoCom is a market research and consultancy company with over 20 years experience providing strategic analyses and planning assistance to stakeholders in the telecommunications, IT and multimedia industries. InfoCom’s independent and fact-based analyses highlight trends and opportunities, supporting decision makers to understand market dynamics in order to improve their competitive advantage.

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