Testaments and Technology Come Together with the Launch of WordBloom

New Online Bible Study Tool Allows Users to See the Bible in a New Way and Grow in Faith

Atlanta, GA, January 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- WordBloom, a newly launched online Bible study tool, brings truths and technology together by allowing users to easily cross-reference themes, words and thoughts in the Bible. Designed to provide a better understanding of the Bible, WordBloom offers a revolutionary way to see, understand and share the Bible.

Ever wonder what the Bible says about integrity in business? Or maybe society and giving? A study or “bloom” is built from a single word or verse, linking all resources together and providing the newest of Bible readers to the most advanced scholars with a learning tool to help them grow in their faith.

“Have you ever read a verse of the Bible, maybe one you’ve known for years, only to find something new?” said Doug Burrier, creator of the online application. “That’s what WordBloom is all about; it is a rewarding yet fun way to explore the Bible. Discovering word origin and cross-referencing verses and versions of the Bible are just a few ways WordBloom sets itself apart from other Bible study tools or from just reading the Bible alone.”

WordBloom allows users to see their study differently than they ever have before by linking many trusted resources into one view on one page, thus eliminating the need to go back and forth from one window, pane or tab to another.

Because WordBloom is an online application, it can be used anywhere. No matter where a user is, as long as they have internet access, they have all the tools they need to continue to explore the Bible. Additionally, WordBloom is customizable. Users can pick and choose which features are relevant to their personal study.

WordBloom also provides a unique opportunity for interaction with people seeking a deeper relationship with God. It’s easy to stay connected with other WordBloom users through the monthly newsletter, Word of the Day emails and the study sharing function, which allows all subscribers to see what others are searching.

An annual subscription to WordBloom is $36, just $3 a month. WordBloom offers a trial function which allows guests to search terms and verses. With the free and easy trial, users can see how comprehensive each search is and how quickly you can navigate through all the application’s features. For additional information on WordBloom or for a free trial, visit www.wordbloom.com.


WordBloom is an online Bible study tool unlike any other. It’s a fun, functional and intuitive visual tool that simplifies, clarifies and cross-references words and themes throughout the Bible. WordBloom is not a replacement for the Bible; it’s a tool to help readers better understand it. WordBloom is a Bible concordance or thesaurus that helps users become well-versed in the scripture. With helpful uses for the most advanced Bible studier to someone who is brand new to the faith – WordBloom offers something for everyone. WordBloom can be used for private exploration, to generate new ideas for sermons or as a tool to share with others in a Bible study – the applications are limitless. WordBloom - Grow In Faith.
Fletcher Martin
Austin K. Mahler