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Cougar Mountain Software Releases Denali 2.8

Cougar Mountain Software is announcing the release of Denali 2.8, which is their next generation accounting software for POS/Retail and back-office software solutions. The Denali product line is designed using the Microsoft® SQL Server database and can be purchased module by module, and they believe that Denali is more suitable for mid sized companies or growing small companies.

Boise, ID, April 28, 2010 --( Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) sets the right tone for 2010 with an early release of their Denali accounting software solution — Denali 2.8.

Denali 2.8 consists of more customer friendly abilities that allow Cougar Mountain Software users to upgrade their product software and technology alike. CMS has focused on streamlining the data conversion process from one product to another, and providing greater flexibility of their software to run on various operating systems.

Denali 2.8 includes:

CMS Professional data conversion to Denali 2.8. CMS Professional customers, whose business accounting needs have grown, can now easily transition to the more robust Denali accounting software product, in order to gain the benefits of SQL technology. All data, including purchase order, can easily convert from any windows version of CMS Professional (including older DOS 15.0 users) to Denali 2.8.

64-bit compatibility. As businesses upgrade or purchase new PC computers, the need for greater software flexibility to either run on a 32- or 64-bit operating system platform has increased. Denali 2.8 is compatible with both Windows® 7 Professional 32- and 64-bit platforms, and Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.

Denali 2.8 also has all of the other advancements that Denali products offer, including the enhanced entry screens and functionality in the Purchase Order and Sales modules, the expanded UDF functionality for tracking customer information vital to making good business decisions, and the latest technologies. Denali is also modular allowing prospects the ability to mix and match the modules that best fit their accounting needs and budget.

Cougar Mountain Software offers improved integration from CMS Professional Payroll to the more powerful Denali 2.8 solution. After posting transactions and exporting the payroll data, CMS Professional Payroll users can then import the Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, and/or General Ledger data into Denali.

Denali accounting software is built using the latest Microsoft® SQL server technology, which allows for increased speed, stability, and excellent multi-level security. With Denali 2.8, businesses can network multiple users, while giving them the ability to handle higher transaction volumes, making it appropriate for mid-sized companies or small businesses that are experiencing growth. It has the functions, speed, and power of high-end systems, but the price is fit for small and medium business budgets.

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